Difficulty Levels

Poor Tasks (-2)
Polyhedral Fudge TN 2
Fudge d6 TN 1

These are tasks that should not require a roll. These tasks are easily doable by anyone with the basic understanding of, and physical capability for, the task at hand. These should almost never require a roll.

Mediocre Tasks (-1)
Polyhedral Fudge TN 3
Fudge d6 TN 5

This is the difficulty for most tasks that an ordinary person could encounter on a routine basis. They are the sorts of challenges that can be overcome without any real drama or struggle, provided the character is even faintly competent.

Fair Tasks (0)
Polyhedral Fudge TN 4
Fudge d6 TN 10

These are the sort of tasks that would challenge the average person, but are handled regularly by experts and professionals. Someone with basic skills might be able to perform this sort of task in a pinch, but not with any regularity.

Good Tasks (+1)
Polyhedral Fudge TN 5
Fudge d6 TN 15

These are tasks that are pretty much entirely out of the realm of a person with only basic training. These tasks are noteworthy enough that they are rarely approached without taking proper care to make preparations.

Very Good Tasks (+2)
Polyhedral Fudge TN 6
Fudge d6 TN 20

Even skilled professionals balk in the face of these tasks, and it’s entirely possible for a person to go their whole life without ever facing a challenge of this scope. Capability with this sort of task is indicative of a great deal of training or natural talent (or both).

Great Tasks (+3)
Polyhedral Fudge TN 7
Fudge d6 TN 25

Only the best of the best need apply – there are only a handful of people in the world at any given time who could do this sort of thing with any sort of consistency.

Superb Tasks (+4)
Nearly Impossible
Polyhedral Fudge TN 8
Fudge d6 TN 30

At this level, it is possible to start doing things that expand the very nature of the task at hand.

Epic Tasks (+5)
Damn Impossible
Polyhedral Fudge TN 9
Fudge d6 TN 35

The stuff of legends and the impossible is made possible.