The rules presented here for Teara Adan Adventures allows for 3 methods of rolling dice. Each method has some differences to take into account which are noted below. So the GM can use which ever method they prefer the best.

Method One: Standard Fudge/Fate Dice
The standard method is listed throughout this site. The dice used are specialty Fudge dice which are 6 sided dice marked with 2 pluses, 2 minuses, and 2 blank sides.
If you don’t have any available you can always use 3d6 instead. Roll the 3 dice, add them together and consult the following table:

Method Two: Fudge d6
In Fudge d6, only d6’s are used instead of any other type of dice. The Ladder assigns a number of d6’s that are rolled and added together vs a target number for the difficulty. If the dice total is equal to or greater than the target number the task is successful.

Some changes have to be made along the way from the Vanilla Fudge.
Relative Degrees and degrees of success is one such change.
Minimal (0) – You rolled the Target Number exactly
Solid (1-4) – Your rolled within 4 points of the Target Number
Good (5-8) – 1 Degree
Superior (9-12) – 2 Degrees
Spectacular (13-16) – 3 Degrees
Incredible (17+) – 4 Degrees

Using Fudge Points is another area that has some changes as well due to the dice change.
Instead of spending 2 Fudge Points grants an automatic +4 result without rolling. This is now an automatic 24 result total.
Also 1 Fudge Point can be spent to acquire a Wild Die that explodes if the result is a 6.

Scale adds extra dice based on the Vanilla Fudge bonus and most bonuses become extra dice while using Fudge d6.

Combat is another area in which Fudge d6 is different and that will be detailed in the combat pages.

Method Three: Polyhedral Fudge
Polyhedral Fudge uses all of your favorite multi-sided dice. Well most of them anyway. Similar to Fudge d6, there is a target number that is rolled against. If the dice roll is equal to the target number or higher the task has succeeded. Rolling the max number of the die allows you to roll again and add the result to your total. If you roll a 1, roll again. If the result is another 1 it is treated as the worst possible result. A critical failure.

Spending a Fudge Point, that gives you the maximum result on the die so you can roll again and add the total.

Polyhedral Fudge also changes some combat details. See the combat section for more details on it.