Fudge Points

Fudge Points are meta-game gifts that may be used to buy “luck” during a game – they let the players fudge a game result. These are “meta- game” gifts because they operate at the player-GM level, not character-character level.

The GM sets the starting number of Fudge Points. The recommended range is from one to five. Unused Fudge Points are saved up for the next gaming session.

The GM will award players Fudge Points as the game progresses for such things as good role playing, accomplishing party goals, and personal character goals. As well as any thing else the GM sees fit to award Fudge Points for during the course of play.

Players and GMs can keep track of Fudge Points with tokens (like those pictured above), chips, coins, or just about anything. Including just tick marks on the character sheet.

Fudge Points can be used in many ways, a few are listed below.

  • Provide an automatic success on any unopposed action of Great difficulty or less.
  • After combat, declare any wound to be one level less than previously recorded.
  • Modify any single die roll result one level in any direction. The roll modified can be made by anyone, including the GM, as long as it impacts the player’s character.
  • Re-roll a bad die roll. The player gets to keep which ever roll is better.
  • Spending 2 Fudge Points grants an automatic +4 result without rolling. This can even be used on opposed actions.
  • Spending 2 Fudge Points after combat will reduce any wound to just a Scratch.
  • Fudge Points can be spent on obtaining a favorable condition or needed piece of equipment. Depending on the circumstances this can cost anywhere from 1 Fudge Point or more. Normally around the 4 to 5 range.
  • Other uses at the GM allows.

Additional Fudge Point rules can be found in other sections as they can be used for Character Development/Advancement, Magic, Psionics, and other things as well.