Spell-like Ability

Magic is not only available to a mage. Even non-mages, those who do not have the Magical Aptitude gift, can cast magic.

For a non-mage each spell costs at least 1 Gift and a Skill. The spell can be cast only once per day. There is no need to track Mana Threshold, Mana Recovery, or Mana Limit. This use of magic does not technically have any of these features. The skill will be Hard starting at Terrible when first acquired. The skill progresses as normal with use over time.

A difficulty Fair or lower spell is only 1 Gift to acquire the ability. And this increases by 1 Gift for each additional spell level up to Great. Spells above Great difficulty cannot be acquired this way and can only be cast by a mage.

If the character wished to cast the spell again within the same day the cost is 1 Fudge point (per Gift value) of the spell for each additional casting.