Character Creation

Once you have a character in mind it’s simple to build it using the Objective character creation method. The character’s race or heritage will be a defining factor.

A generic character will have 6 Primary Attributes, all at Fair with 3 free levels. No Attribute can be higher than Superb.

Additionally the character has 35 levels available for skills. The cost can vary depending on the difficulty of the skill chosen. And there are hard limits as well. No more than 1 skill at Superb and no more than 2 skills in the Great rank.

A generic character also has 2 free Gifts. There are no required number of Faults for any character. Although certain character packages for race, species, heritage, or culture may have required Faults.

Trait Trading:
1 Attribute Level = 3 Skill Levels
1 Gift = 6 Skill Levels
1 Gift = 2 Attribute Levels
1 Gift = 1 Fault

Additionally every character has 1-3 uncommitted Traits available to them.

Skills are bought in levels at character creation with the limits listed above based on the number of free skill levels available to the character. Using the following chart for the costs.