There are Primary and Secondary Attributes. The difference is that Primary Attributes are common to all characters while Secondary Attributes are not common to all characters. At character creation all Attributes default to Fair.

There are 6 Primary Attributes that are common to all characters which are:
Physical strength; lifting/carrying capacity; ability to deal damage.
Being able to crush a tomato.

Physical dexterity; adroitness; native talent for physical skills.
Being able to dodge a thrown tomato.

Fitness; resistance to disease and injury; physical stamina.
Being able to eat a bad tomato.

Awareness of environment; raw ability to notice things.
Noticing that a tomato has been thrown, is bad, or in a fruit salad.

Thinking ability; puzzle-solving; intelligence; mental acuity; quick thinking.
Knowing that a tomato is a fruit and not to make a tomato-based fruit salad.

Strength of will; psychic stamina; determination; guts; and the power of personality.
How well one can sell a tomato-based fruit salad.

There are a number of Secondary Attributes that can become available to characters. These are granted by various factors. These do not always default to Fair if possessed by a character.

The most common Secondary Attribute is:
Raw psychic strength.