Faults are similar to Gifts that they do not fit the ladder concept of Fudge. However, like some Gifts they can be acquired in levels. But Faults are restrictions of some variety. Physical, Mental, or Social. We will be using the Fudge, 10th Anniversary book as our guide.

Absent-Minded – your attention tends to wander if bored.

Annoying Voice – you sound terrible.

Appearance – your appearance is off-putting in some way, whether ugly or unkempt.

Bad Back – you are limited in what you can lift.

Bad Eyesight – you don’t see very well – pick one – poor distance or up-close vision.

Blunt and Tactless – you have no social skills in dealing with sensitive people.

Code of Honor – your actions are constrained by your personal behavior code.

Color Blindness – you confuse lots of colors.

Combat Paralysis – you need a Good or better Health roll in order to act in a dangerous situation.

Compulsive Carousing – you are at –3 Willpower to resist a good time.

Compulsive Gambling – your are at –3 Willpower to resist a gambling game.

Compulsive Generosity – you are at –3 Willpower to resist giving things away to those perceived to be needier than you.

Compulsive Lying – you are at –3 Willpower to avoid lying just for fun.

Coward – you take very good care of yourself.

Curious – you are at –3 Willpower to resist exploring something new or unusual.

Delusions – the world doesn’t work the way you think it does, in some important way.

Dependent – you’re responsible for someone unable to care for themselves adequately.

Duty – you must perform active duty a certain amount of time.

Dwarfism – you are very short for your race.

Easily Distractible – did you say something?.

Easy to Read – you give away your thoughts and feelings to any who care to observe you.

Enemy – there is someone who wants to kill, imprison, or otherwise trouble you.

Fanatic Patriot – your country, right or wrong.

Frightens Animals – you have an aura that animals find terrifying.

Garrulous – you won’t shut up.

Getting old – and all that implies.

Glutton – you’re hungry.

Goes Berserk if Wounded – you’re a danger to your friends, even.

Greedy – you want more.

Grouchy – you’re usually irritated and try to spread the mood.

Gullible – -3 to Reasoning to believe an unknown “fact.”

Hard of Hearing – what?

Honesty – you hate to break a law. See Truthfulness for not liking to lie.

Humanitarian – you help the needy for no pay.

Idealist – you’re not grounded in reality.

Impulsive – you act before thinking.

Intolerant – you hate a certain type of person.

Jealous of Anyone Getting More Attention – you have to be the star.

Lame – you limp, which can affect speed and agility.

Lazy – you work hard at avoiding work.

Lechery – you’re overly fond of the appropriate sex.

Loyal to Companions – you won’t abandon, cheat, hide treasure from, etc., the party members. This one may be mandatory.

Magic Susceptibility – you are at –3 Willpower to oppose hostile magic.

Melancholy – life is so sad.

Miserliness – you hate to let it go.

Mute – you can’t speak.

Night Blindness – you see poorly in dim light.

Nosy – your neighbor’s business is yours.

Obese – you waddle.

Obsession – you must do it, or have it, or whatever.

Offensive Habits – too many to list. Some of the other Faults listed actually fall under this category, such as Nosy, Grouchy, Garrulous, etc.

Offensive Odor – you stink.

One Eye – you lack depth vision and can be blindsided, literally.

One Hand – it works overtime.

Outlaw – you’re wanted by the law.

Overconfident – you know you can’t fail.

Owe favors – you owe someone favors, and they’ll ask you for them sometime.

Pain Intolerant – you’re at –1 if Scratched, -2 if Hurt, and –3 if Very Hurt.

Phobias – lots of these – you’re at –3 Willpower to avoid acting out of control in certain situations – snakes, darkness, heights, cats, falling, crowds, spiders, open or closed spaces, magic, loud noises, etc.

Poor – you start with less equipment and cash, and if you don’t buy off this Fault, will always lose any you gain.

Practical Joker – you can’t resist. Somebody’s gonna hurt you someday.

Primitive – you’re from a pre-metal-working society.

Proud – many things are beneath your dignity.

Quick to take offense – you’re thin-skinned.

Quick-Tempered – you blow up when crossed.

Quixotic – you vigorously champion lost causes.

Reckless Bravery – you take no thought for your safety in dangerous situations.

Reputation – you’re well known as some sort of louse.

Secret – if it’s revealed, you’ll be embarrassed, arrested, or worse – maybe that warrant out for your arrest, or your second spouse?

Self-defense Pacifist – you’ll fight, but you’ll never start a fight – no preemptive strikes.

Shyness – you never want to talk to strangers.

Social Stigma – you’re obviously from some low-caste group.

Stubborn – you don’t easily admit you’re wrong. Has nothing to do with Willpower.

Susceptibility to Poison – you’re at –3 to Health in Opposed rolls for poison.

Trickster – you regularly have to take a risk to thwart some villain, even if just a petty one.

Truthfulness – you can’t tell a believable lie.

Unlucky – if something bad happens to someone in the party, it’s you.

Vain – you’re the best-looking and/or finest person in the world. Aren’t your companions lucky?

Vow – you’re committed to some action.

Worry Wart – you wring your hands a lot.

Xenophobia – you dislike and fear people different from the folks you grew up with.

Youth – you’re so young no one takes you seriously. Also, lose one level each from three skills – you just haven’t had time to develop everything that well yet.