Character Advancement

Players can improve their characters. This can happen during play and between sessions. Everything can be improved. Skills, Attributes, the acquisition of new Gifts or the removal of a Fault.

Skill Improvement Through Use

Becoming adept at a skill is a gradual process as the individual achieves a better understanding of the skill in question. This rule reflects this by allowing skill increases over time as skills are used.

Each time a player rolls a natural +4 or -4 result on an attempt to use a skill it is treated as a profound success or failure where the character may have learned something from the experience. A second 4dF roll is made and if the result is greater than or equal to the skill in question the skill improves one level.

A player may also spend 1 Fudge Point to make an immediate skill improvement roll on any skill.

Attribute Improvement

Normally Attributes wont improve over time, but it is possible and they would follow the same process as skills above. Any Attribute roll that is a natural +4 or =4 result will result in a second 4dF roll to increase it.

A player may also spend 3 Fudge Points to make an immediate attribute improvement roll on any of their attributes. This requires the GM’s permission before spending the Fudge Points and making the roll.

Acquiring a New Skill

Since skills are classified as Easy, Most, Hard, or Hard no Default. Those skills with a default level maybe increased from the default level to a usable level just as raising any other skill level.

Only a Hard no Default skill would require spending a Fudge Point to know at the default level of Terrible.

Acquiring a New Gift

In order to acquire a new Gift the choice must be logical and reasonable. Some Gifts can be acquired during the course of play and awarded to the player’s character by the GM. Other Gifts are actually part of a heritage from a people’s template. These can never be acquired. Yet other Gifts can be purchased more than once, such as the Magery Gift.

Once a player has decided on acquiring a new Gift the process is simple. Make the case to the GM on why you should have this new Gift. If the GM approves he will assign a number of Fudge Points that have to be spent in order to get the new Gift. This is normally 6 or more Fudge Points.

Buying off a Fault

Faults can be bought off and removed from a character, within reason. Just as acquiring a new Gift must be logical and reasonable, the same guideline applies to removing a Fault. Sometimes Faults can be removed during the course of regular play as a GM award to the player’s character and sometimes a character can acquire a new Fault as during the course of a game.

Buying off a Fault will require work by the player and the character. This too can be done with Fudge Points, the minimum cost would be 12 Fudge Points to remove a Fault that is social in nature. Anything physical or mental may cost more or not be removable at all.