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Teara Adan has been around since the fall of 1983 as a role-playing campaign. The early characters, prior to the formation of the Teara Adan world actually gamed in the World of Greyhawk. In the course of this time it has had four Game Masters and has been played both Online and Offline in various formats.

Even the players that have adventured across and beyond the world have hailed from across the globe. From the United States, Europe and South East Asia. Some have been with the game from its start to the end of the Old Era and some have been only involved for a short time. As little as one adventure or even session.

Teara Adan has been more than a Dungeons & Dragons world. In fact, it has been used as a setting for a whole range of RPGs. Including but not limited to: Dungeons & Dragons, Gamma World, Boot Hill, Star Trek, Doctor Who and many others.

Teara Adan has also used the Co-GM concept to help keep things running and organized has it has many times taken a life of its own. With each additional GM assigned to a specific region of the world, to govern and maintain. But this is not done without the consent of the players. Players also have a major say of what goes on in the course of running things. This has made Teara Adan the enjoyment of a generation of various players.

Looking at the map of the world, one will notice similarities between our own Earth and that of Teara Adan. The reason for this is simple. Teara Adan is a parallel Earth. Land masses, concepts and even names are similar to those that we, as players know and recognize.

As the current Game Master of the World of Teara Adan, personally welcome you to browse the site and have a look around and tell me what you like, dont like and even offer suggestions. If you would like to play on this one of a kind world. Please drop visit us on the OtherWorlders IRC Network in #Teara-Adan.

In October 2005, the game was switch from the d20 system to the Fudge system. We have enjoyed using Fudge as our base system for more than 10 years .

We have recently switched over to using Mini Six, a variant of the Open D6 system created by WEG (West End Games) that created the original Star Wars RPG.