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Quick and Dirty Magic Conversion

This is a quick and dirty magic conversion. It is not 100% backwards compatible with the TA magic system rules. But it will do in a pinch. If a character level is required, assume it to be the minimum required to cast the spell in the first place. The GM is free to modify that as he sees fit to do so of course.

Spell Level to Mana Rating
0 Level (Cantrip) = 1 mana
1st Level = 2 mana
2nd Level = 4 mana
3rd Level = 8 mana
4th Level = 16 mana
5th Level = 24 mana
6th Level = 32 mana
7th Level = 40 mana
8th Level = 48 mana
9th Level = 64 mana

For damage conversions. Consider every d6 to be equal to +1 ODF, for d4's it's minus 1/3 and for d8's it's plus 1/3.

XP costs for D&D spells would use Fudge Points. Generally divide the XP by 100 as a base. The GM has the final say on this factor.

This maybe updated in the future.