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Fudge d6 Fudge Points
« on: 14 June 2019, 21:42:03 »
Fudge Points
    1 Fudge Point can lower a single wound or injury by one level
    1 Fudge Point can shift any die result up or down by 5 points
    1 Fudge Point can added a bonus Wild Die to the rolled. This die explodes on a 6 allowing re-rolls while adding the results to the total anytime it comes up as a 6. This must be spent before rolling any dice.
    2 Fudge Points can give an automatic 24 roll result without rolling on any Test
    1 or more Fudge Points can be spent to gain a favorable coincidence for the player
    Other uses are possible that the GM can allow. The GM is also free to limit the number of Fudge Points being spent for any bonuses to Tests.
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