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Episode 4
« on: 17 October 2009, 12:37:44 »

[20:29]<Bynw> +-------------------------------------------+
[20:29]<Bynw> |      Storm on the Horizon - Episode 4
[20:29]<Bynw> |         Beginning Adventure Recap
[20:29]<Bynw> +-------------------------------------------+
[20:29]<Bynw> | Travelling across the desert. But not on
[20:29]<Bynw> | the desert itself. The Anadari and their
[20:29]<Bynw> | Ranieth guide. Has them take a few short-
[20:29]<Bynw> | cuts through the Astral to quickly catch-up
[20:29]<Bynw> | with the caravan that is midway across the
[20:29]<Bynw> | the desert.
[20:29]<Bynw> +-------------------------------------------+
[20:29]<Bynw> |     Today's Game Date: Thursday the
[20:29]<Bynw> |                10 Juli 464 NE
[20:29]<Bynw> |              Game Time: Mid-day
[20:29]<Bynw> |          Location: Time Desert, Kaec
[20:29]<Bynw> |            End of Adventure Recap
[20:29]<Bynw> +-------------------------------------------+
[20:31]<Bynw> *the Anadari have reached the slow moving caravan as the mid-day sun burns down on the desert ... ticking away slowly at the hours of heat
[20:33]<Bynw> *Maxwell to the Anadari* "The guards will notice our arrival here" *he says as the group returns from the astral*
[20:33]* Risira shifts her headshawl to cover her face a bit more.
[20:33]<Bynw> *they are a short distance from the caravan itself*
[20:34]<+Daine> ::Emerges from the astral on Qamar, his tricon companion some distance from the caravan:: "The guards do not concern me, only Chadwick."
[20:35]<+Risira> "My brother, we cannot ignore everything but our goal lest we neglect to see something that might keep us from accomplishing it."
[20:35]<Bynw> *true to his word, several men are riding out to meet the Anadari ... they are wearing the same style of clothing and colors that Maxwell wears*
[20:36]<+Daine> ::Nods to Risira with a sigh and a nod of slow acceptance::
[20:36]<Bynw> *Regan* "Yes brother. Risira does speak the truth there."
[20:37]* Risira reaches over to touch Daine gently on the shoulder and smiles at Regan.
[20:38]<+Daine> ::Qamar reins-in, but the spirited mare turns in a circle and paws at the ground, obviously wanting to run::
[20:38]<Bynw> *as the two groups approach one another, the caravan guards are on horses ... and indeed wear the colors and uniforms of Ranieth soldiers. they recognize Lord Maxwell right a way and come to him* "M'Lord. You are unexpected ... how may we serve you?" *the lead rider asks*
[20:39]<+Risira> ::to Bashira:: "Can you talk to Qamar and get her to calm down, or is her connection to Daine too strong?"
[20:40]<Bynw> *Maxwell* "Captain. You will give these Anadari whatever they require." *he dismounts for the double riding and steps aside directing the guard captain to Daine*
[20:41]<Bynw> *the captain rides up to Daine* "How can we serve you Lord?"
[20:42]* Risira shifts her headshawl again so that the only part of her face that is visible is her eyes, eyebrows, and the upper parts of her nose and cheekbones, pulls her dress sleeves down so the sleeves cover the edge of her riding gloves, and tugs her riding skirt around so that only the toes of her shoes show.
[20:43]<+Daine> ::Qamar turns in a circle forcing Daine to shift his gaze as he talks:: "We are searching for a murderer. A druid. His name is Chadwick, though he may call himself anything. You met a stranger crossing the desert?
[20:45]<Bynw> *captain* "We did meet up with a lone traveller in the desert. and he was of the honored lore of the wild, a druidic priest of some high stature. he parted company with us a day ago ... after tending to our supplies and helping any in need."
[20:46]* Risira truthreads the captain.
[20:47]* Risira *attempts to truthread the captain and is brought up short by a communication from Bashira.
[20:48]<Bynw> *captain* "he did give the name 'chadwick' as his own. and he even said others would come looking for him."
[20:50]<+Daine> ::Looks to Risira and then Regan, then back to the captain:: "And what did he say about those that would come looking?"
[20:50]<Bynw> "only that they would come. and he laughed about it." *the captains says* "he is long gone now. for he moves across the sands as a fish in the water"
[20:51]<+Daine> "Which way did he go?"
[20:52]<Bynw> "he headed east. the same direction we are going. there is a settlement at the edge of the desert. named in honor of one of your own."
[20:57]<Bynw> *llanth* "We should let Master Michon know that Chadwick is not with the caravan any longer"
[21:00]<+Daine> ::to Maxwell:: "Where did Chadwick get his permission to cross the desert?
[21:01]<Bynw> *Maxwell* "The same place you did most likely. Unless he came into the land from another point. And being a druid it is possible."
[21:02]* Risira pats Bashira on the neck, letting the tricon know that she will be a bit distracted for a moment, then centers herself and attempts rapport with Michon.
[21:03]<Bynw> *establishing the rapport is hard ... but not impossible as he was expecting your call
[21:04]<+Risira> @@"Master Michon, Chadwick left the caravan yesterday, heading east, but he could be anywhere by now."@@
[21:05]<+Daine> ::Nods to the Captain:: "Give us just a moment Captain and we will trouble you and your charges no longer."
[21:07]<+Daine> "You said the settlement was named after one of our own. What is it's name?"
[21:09]<+Risira> ::to Daine, Regan, and Llanth:: @@"My brothers, Master Michon commands that we return to the Tri-Sun Fortress at once."@@
[21:10]* Risira pulls Daine into her link with Master Michon.
[21:11]<+Daine> ::His eyes go a bit unfocused at the sudden change in mental input:: @@"Did he say why?"@@
[21:12]<Bynw> *Michon* @@ "If chadwick isn't there with the caravan. come back right a way"@@
[21:13]<+Risira> ::Daine, Regan, and Llanth can feel amusement coming from Risira's mind at the way Daine got his answer directly from the source.::
[21:16]<+Daine> ::Looks disgusted and breaks the contact, continues to the Captain:: "Thank you for your assistance Captain." ::Nods to the captain::
[21:18]* Risira thinks she can hear Daine swearing, though he is not speaking and they are no longer mind-linked.
[21:18]<+Daine> ::To Maxwell:: "We are commanded to return to our home immediately. It seems that the hunt for Chadwick will have to wait for us." ::sighs::
[21:19]<Bynw> *Maxwell nods* "Good luck with your hunt Anadari."
[21:19]<+Risira> ::to Daine:: @@"Chadwick will pay for what he has done, just not now."@@
[21:20]<+Daine> "I thank you for your hospitality Master Maxwell and your indulgence in your customs. House Horizon will not forget."
[21:21]* Risira politely bows her head in agreement but says nothing.
[21:23]<+Daine> ::Nods once to Maxwell and then glances at his brothers and sisters:: "As Master Michon commands we ride for the tri-sun fortress?"
[21:25]* BSS|James (Mibbit@32F4F9.FDFD0F.44105D.726DD8) has left #teara-adan
[21:25]<Bynw> *Llanth turns his tricon in the direction of the tri-sun fortress and gallops across the desert before vanishing into the astral*
[21:26]* Risira turns Bashira and canters into the astral.
[21:27]<+Daine> ::Qamar bolts into a full run inches off the sand and shortly vanishes into the astral as well::
[21:28]<Bynw> *Regan turns towards the astral*
[21:32]<Bynw> *it is near dusk when the apprentices arrive at the tri-sun fortress after crossing the astral for few scant minutes*
[21:33]<+Daine> ::Vaults from Qamar's back and drops lightly into the sand, then stands slowly. Qamar continues on at a gallop for a moment before vanishing into the astral again::
[21:33]<Bynw> *Michon is out in the courtyard watching as the apprentices return*
[21:34]<+Daine> ::Walks slowly to stand near Michon and waits for him to speak::
[21:34]<Bynw> *the young Dennis Idge is there with him*
[21:35]* Risira shrugs back her headshawl as she dismounts from Bashira's back and follows Daine to stand near Michon.
[21:36]<Bynw> *Michon waits until everyone has gathered*
[21:37]<Bynw> *Michon* "Master Nym believes that Chadwick may be headed back towards Kirsh. He wants us to go there."
[21:38]<+Risira> Again? ::sighs::
[21:39]<Bynw> *Michon* "This time you will goto Kirsh. You will bypass Lord Benedict. You will bypass Lord Ibon. And go to Kirsh itself."
[21:41]<+Risira> "Forgive me, Master Michon.  I allowed impatience to rule my words.  How will we go there and what are we to do?"
[21:45]<Bynw> *Michon* "Bashira can take you. And Dennis is going with you this time. Llanth or Regan. One of you can stay here and assist me. The rest of you are going. Any questions?"
[21:46]<+Risira> "When do we leave?"
[21:46]<+Daine> "To Kirsh itself? You mean the ancient ruins of Kirsh Master?"
[21:46]<Bynw> *Michon* "Yes to the ruins itself"
[21:49]<Bynw> *Michon* "You can leave as soon as you are ready. Remember Adan will be a few hours ahead of us here ... so it will be later even still there when you arrive."
[21:50]<Bynw> *Michon* "If you leave now it will be night. And the owlbears will be in the woods"
[21:51]* Risira blushes.  "I believe, Master, if it's all the same to you, I'd prefer to wait until it will be daylight in Adan, and I'd like to sleep here for at least a few hours."
[21:52]<+Daine> ::Looks hesitant:: "Legends of Kirsh reached even to Utha. If they are true, owlbears are just one of many things that Kirsh will hold for us."
[21:53]<Bynw> *Dennis* "Many of them are true. And some could just be rumors and legends to keep us away"
[21:57]<+Daine> ::Nods slowly to Dennis:: "I agree, we should rest. We will need all our strength if we are to die well."
[21:58]<Bynw> *Michon nods* "You should leave in the morning then*
[21:58]<+Daine> "I will see you all in the early hours of the morn." ::he says with a look of excitement and then leaves to get rest::
[21:59]<Bynw> (( anyone doing anything before the morning departure? if not ... we can cut to it ))
[21:59]<+Risira> ((I need to take a shower and go to bed, because I have to get up in the morning.))
[22:00]<+Risira> ((In character, I probably want to wash clothes, but other than that, I mean to sleep.))
[22:02]<+Daine> ((Same here. Fresh clothes, and sleep))
[22:04]<Bynw> (( ok wrap then for this week ))

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