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Episode 3
« on: 27 August 2009, 18:46:20 »

[20:33]<Bynw> +-------------------------------------------+
[20:33]<Bynw> |      Storm on the Horizon - Episode 3
[20:33]<Bynw> |         Beginning Adventure Recap
[20:33]<Bynw> +-------------------------------------------+
[20:33]<Bynw> | The Anadari have arrived in Kaec and have
[20:33]<Bynw> | made contact with the Raneith Lord in order
[20:33]<Bynw> | to gain safe passage across the desert.
[20:33]<Bynw> |
[20:33]<Bynw> | There is much speculation that he is
[20:33]<Bynw> | enthrawlled to a vampire.
[20:33]<Bynw> |
[20:33]<Bynw> | The Lord has left the Anadari to prepare
[20:33]<Bynw> | them for the passage into the desert.
[20:33]<Bynw> +-------------------------------------------+
[20:33]<Bynw> |     Today's Game Date: Wednesday the
[20:33]<Bynw> |                9 Juli 464 NE
[20:33]<Bynw> |              Game Time: Evening
[20:33]<Bynw> |          Location: Tri-Sun Fortress
[20:33]<Bynw> |            End of Adventure Intro
[20:33]<Bynw> +-------------------------------------------+
[20:33]<Bynw> *Lord Maxwell has left the Anadari for a number of hours while they talked among themselves. He finally returns at dusk*
[20:36]<Bynw> *Maxwell* "Sorry to keep you waiting as long as you had to wait. But this is the most unusual of circumstances." *he says while a servant comes in with wine, breads, meats and cheeses* "You are probably famished from the long wait. Please help yourselves."
[20:37]<Bynw> *Maxwell* "And you must eat something because drinking the wine on an empty stomach will not be a good thing. The wine contains the enchantment you need to cross freely into the desert and not be considered an enemy of Raneith."
[20:39]* Risira slices off some bread, a bit of meat, and a bit of cheese.  "May we water the wine, or will that damage the enchantment?"
[20:39]<+Daine> ::Looks unconvinced:: "Your kidding?"
[20:40]<Bynw> *Maxwell* "It is already watered to some degree. Watering it any more would indeed break the enchantment. And no I am not kidding."
[20:40]* Risira nods and half-fills a goblet with the wine.  "Will this be enough?"
[20:41]* Regan watches Maxwell.
[20:43]<+Daine> ::rips a piece of bread off and wraps it around a piece of cheese, then begins eating. He talks between mouthfuls:: "What exactly happens if we try to cross the desert without the enchantment? Why do we need enchanting? I'm just curious."
[20:44]<+Daine> ??Is Maxwell eating or drinking??
[20:45]<Bynw> *Maxwell* "A full goblet is required Lady" *he says to Risira* "The enchantment is needed incase you run across a patrol. Raneith owns the desert. All passage is taxed."
[20:45]<Bynw> *Maxwell is not eating or drinking anything*
[20:47]<Bynw> "If you are found crossing the desert without proof of paying the tax. Which is what this potion does and more for your group. You could be killed as spies or whatever charge anyone wishes to lay against you."
[20:49]<Bynw> "And for yourselves you are given the additional authority to arrest this Chadwick if you encounter him." *Maxwell says*
[20:49]<+Daine> ::Eyes Maxwell for a moment as he grabs a couple of pieces of meat to chase the bread and cheese:: "Your not joining us in the food." ::his stern expression makes no mistake that he is accusing Maxwell of something::
[20:50]<+Regan> "All this can be told by this potion?"
[20:50]<Bynw> *he looks Daine* "I have no need of it." *and answers Regan* "Yes that is what took so long to have it enchanted. Your's was special and had to be made from scratch"
[20:53]<+Daine> ::Nods at Maxwell's answer, but doesn't look surprised:: "How long will the enchantment last?" ::pours himself a goblet full of the wine::
[20:53]<+Regan> "What else does this potion do?"
[20:54]<+Daine> @@::To the other Anadari:: "Someone should begin truth-reading Maxwell, I'm not very good at it."@@
[20:54]* Regan pours some wine for himself.
[20:54]<+Risira> "How strong is the potion?"
[20:54]<+Regan> @@ "i AM ALREADY, BROTHER." @@
[20:54]<+Regan> ((ACK))
[20:54]<+Risira> @@I believe Regan is, and I will as well, my brother.@@
[20:54]<+Daine> ::Smiles::
[20:55]<Bynw> *Maxwell* "The full goblet will last a full 10 days. Enough time to cross from here to the other side of the desert."
[20:56]<Bynw> "It does nothing else other than what I have told you. You are protected from harm with it."
[20:57]<Bynw> *Maxwell* "What do you mean how strong is it?"
[20:57]<+Daine> ::Picks up the goblet and stares into it's depths for a moment:: "Is there any blood in it?"
[20:58]* Risira smiles shyly.  "You may have noticed I am not a very big person.  I do not drink much wine or spirits because just a little affects me rather strongly."
[20:58]* Regan smiles at Risira
[20:59]<Bynw> *Maxwell looks at Daine* "Yes there is, but not enough to have any ill effects on you. It is necessary for the enchantment."
[20:59]<Bynw> *Maxwell* "It is more potion than wine my dear Lady"
[20:59]<+Regan> "Human blood?"
[21:00]<Bynw> *Maxwell* "My blood to be exact."
[21:01]<+Daine> ::Sneers at the goblet and replaces it on the table:: "Send a retainer to vouch for us."
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[21:05]<Bynw> *Maxwell* "No. Everyone else who has ever crossed the desert has had the wine. You are to be no different. If you cross it without drinking the wine. Not only will you loose the protection for yourself. I shall send a hunting party after you for breaking the laws of our Kingdom."
[21:06]<+Daine> ::Looks around at his brothers and sisters as he talks:: "Do as you wish, I will think none the less for you no matter what you do...."
[21:06]* Regan gives Maxwell a cold stare.
[21:07]<Bynw> "Tell my Anadari. Why do you wish not to drink the potion?" *Maxwell asks* "What do you fear? Yes I know you are afraid. You are cowering inside."
[21:07]<+Daine> ::His attention returns to Maxwell:: "You have treated us very well Lord Maxwell, so please do not take this as a personal insult. Nor an insult to those you serve...."
[21:07]<+Risira> @@If someone else drinks of it, will you be assured that it is not poisoned or otherwise harmful, my brother?"@@
[21:09]<+Daine> "BUt let me make myself perfectly clear. I have spent my entire life under the iron rule of the Lich King of Utha and have sworn an oath to myself never to suffer myself to indulge in any blood magic or foul ritual again..." ::his eyes lock with Maxwell as he continues, oddly the hold no heat but an icy cold that has never been there before::
[21:11]* Regan winces at the thought of his brother having to break an oath. "I will go after him, alone."
[21:12]<+Daine> "I am here to bring Chadwick to justice and I will. I will die before I partake of your blood or any others. Now together me and my brothers and sister are a force to be reckoned with, but I promise you that Chadwick will kill your country men and sow disent with the druids in these lands that will flow blood like a river."
[21:14]<Bynw> *Maxwell* "Blood magic is not a foul ritual of anykind. Anymore than any other magic discipline. But since you have an oath not to partake of blood magic. I cannot ask you to go against such an oath"
[21:14]<+Daine> "You have a choice to make. I know you only wish to protect your country men and enforce the law of the land so I will hold no ill will with you whatever that choice. But I am sorry, I will have to refuse your potion."
[21:15]<+Regan> "I must refuse also." Gives Daine a nod.
[21:15]<Bynw> *Maxwell looks at the rest of them*
[21:16]<+Daine> ::makes his odd gesture of respect to Regan, his hand dances over his chest and face::
[21:16]<+Risira> "My brothers are suspicious, and I understand why.  I myself am reluctant to drink the potion, for reasons I've already articulated."
[21:18]<+Daine> ::His gauntleted hand tightens and the sound of metal on metal can be heard. His face is a mask of ice as he mearly waits for Maxwell's choice to come::
[21:21]<Bynw> *Maxwell* "Very well then. I shall go with you. It is the only way to protect you. Which is my sworn duty to my King and to my Prince"
[21:22]<+Daine> ::He relaxes with an audible sigh::
[21:22]<+Daine> "You are a wise man Lord Maxwell. Thank you."
[21:23]* Risira sets down her untouched goblet.
[21:23]* Regan relaxes visibly.
[21:24]* Regan sits at the table.
[21:25]<Bynw> *Maxwell* "We should leave whenever"
[21:26]<+Daine> ::Rests his gauntleted hand lightly on Risira's shoulder, being very careful that the points of it do not prick her:: "Thank you as well sister." ::nods to her::
[21:31]<Bynw> *Maxwell* "When are you leaving?"
[21:32]* Regan looks to Daine.
[21:32]<+Daine> ::Wraps up some of the cheese and bread for later:: "Now."
[21:32]<+Daine> ::To Maxwell:: "Can you travel in the daylight?"
[21:32]* Risira picks up her Healer's satchel and her personal luggage.
[21:32]* Regan smiles. Takes some tidbits himself.
[21:33]<Bynw> *Maxwell* "Yes I can. But you want to wait until daybreak before leaving?"
[21:33]* Regan raises an eyebrow.
[21:35]<+Daine> ::Pauses:: "No. But it is good to know for the future. I think it would be wise to travel at night over the desert anyways, but who knows what will come up."
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[21:39]<+Daine> "If you would be so kind as to lead us back outside Lord Maxwell."
[21:39]<Bynw> *Maxwell takes the group back out side where their tricons are waiting in the moonlight*
[21:39]* Regan stands
[21:41]* Risira walks over to Bashira and pets her nose, then puts her personal luggage across Bashira's withers and situates her Healer's satchel diagonally across her body.
[21:43]<+Daine> "Lord Maxwell, if you need travel rations, of any kind? We will wait for you."
[21:43]* Regan springs with a polevault jump of his staff to mount Rais with a flourish. Rais moves forward quickly and Regan lands on his arse. "Very funny."
[21:45]<+Daine> ::Qamar knickers and dances in place, impaitient to run as always::
[21:45]* Regan humbly mounts Rais.
[21:45]<Bynw> *Maxwell* "I am fine thank you. You have Tricons. You can travel great distances with them. I will need a ride"
[21:48]<+Daine> ::Qamar knickers at Maxwell's words and stomps lightly with her front hooves. backing away as she does::
[21:48]* Regan closes his eyes as if listening to someone, then pats Rais on the mane.
[21:49]* Regan opens his eyes and shivers, looking about slowly.
[21:50]* Risira places her hand on Bashira's neck and looks intently at the bay Tricon.
[21:50]<Bynw> *the city moves on at night like many do ... people coming and going ... much activity further away towards the docks
[21:51]<+Daine> ::Looks to Qamar for a moment then to Maxwell:: "I'm sorry, but she will not bear you Lord Maxwell. I am her friend, not her master and cannot command her. Nor would i try."
[21:52]<Bynw> "She must have your personality." *he says*
[21:53]* Regan chuckles.
[21:53]* Risira muffles a laugh but cannot quite hide a smile.
[21:53]<+Daine> ::Shrugs:: "Stone is both strong and stubborn."
[21:54]<+Regan> "And....never mind."
[21:55]<+Daine> ::Pats Qamar and then pulls himself onto her back:: "Perhaps one of the other Tricons will."
[22:00]<+Regan> "He can ride with us, but Rais requests that you give an oath of no harm to myself or he buy your hands."
[22:00]<+Regan> ((err, by))
[22:00]<Bynw> (( that's a wrap ))
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