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Episode 2
« on: 14 August 2009, 19:42:57 »

[20:01]<Bynw> +-------------------------------------------+
[20:01]<Bynw> |      Storm on the Horizon - Episode 2
[20:01]<Bynw> |         Beginning Adventure Recap
[20:01]<Bynw> +-------------------------------------------+
[20:01]<Bynw> | Four days after Nym and Tara have left the
[20:01]<Bynw> | Tri-Sun fortress and Michon stated their
[20:01]<Bynw> | objective to track down Chadwick.
[20:01]<Bynw> |
[20:01]<Bynw> | Michon has returned and summoned the
[20:01]<Bynw> | apprentices to him in the courtyard. Just
[20:01]<Bynw> | before they embark on their mission.
[20:01]<Bynw> +-------------------------------------------+
[20:01]<Bynw> |     Today's Game Date: Wednesday the
[20:01]<Bynw> |                9 Juli 464 NE
[20:01]<Bynw> |              Game Time: Morning
[20:01]<Bynw> |          Location: Tri-Sun Fortress
[20:01]<Bynw> |            End of Adventure Intro
[20:01]<Bynw> +-------------------------------------------+
[20:02]<Bynw> *Michon* "Negotiations took longer than I expected in Einar."
[20:03]* Daine settles in after his customary morning martial practice session
[20:04]<+Daine> "Perhaps we should've cleansed the undead there and been done with it Master Michon."
[20:07]* Daine flexes his hand and arm, now encased in his newly fashioned star "sword"
[20:07]<Bynw> *Michon looks at Daine* "The undead in Einar have been most helpful. They have granted us special permission not only to cross the desert in Kaec but we have been granted the priviliage of being able to apprehend Chadwick"
[20:09]<+Regan> "I'd rather just kill him....err....again. On second thought, capture will do I guess."
[20:10]<+Daine> ::remains conspicuously silent after Michon's reply::
[20:12]<Bynw> *Michon* "And Daine. I am not going with you. It will be you, Regan and Risira only. The young Lord Idge and I have some other business to attend to in your absence. And you will be in charge of the diplomacy."
[20:13]<+Daine> ::mutters:: "Perhaps we could invite Chadwick for dinner instead. Negotiate while gently spooning afterwards...." ::sneers::
[20:15]<+Regan> ::Mumbles:: "I hear that. :: Spits on the ground in agreement with the Lunkhead ::
[20:16]<Bynw> *Michon picks up a small wooden case, about half the size of a breadbox* "This contains what you need in order to enter Ranieth and gain the protection of the Kingdom and what will entitle you to apprehend Chadwick if he is found"
[20:16]<Bynw> *he hands it to Daine*
[20:17]<+Daine> ::Takes the box quizzically and tries to open it to peek at it contents::
[20:18]<Bynw> *the box opens with ease*
[20:18]<+Regan> ::Hear's that Daine will be in charge of the diplomacy and falls to the ground, faking a heart attack. :: "We're dead." :: Gets up quickly  and winks at Daine in brotherly comradiere. ::
[20:20]<+Daine> ::Smirks at Regan:: "I've some new diplomatic technics I'd like a chance to use." ::snorts::
[20:20]<+Regan> :: In all seriousness :: "I have every confidence in you, brother."
[20:21]<Bynw> *Michon* "your Tricon's will be able to take you to a weak point at the desert where you can get through the wards that protect Kaec from outsiders."
[20:21]<+Daine> ::Closes the case abruptly in disgust::
[20:22]* Regan raises an eyebrow.
[20:23]<+Regan> "What is it, a pink ribbon?"
[20:23]<+Daine> ::Holds out the case to Risira solemly:: "I more used to spilling that, not keeping it's care. If you would please sister...."
[20:23]* Risira takes the case gently.
[20:24]<Bynw> *Michon* "Questions before you leave? Chadwick has at least 5 days advance on you by your arrival. With your mounts you can cross great distances very quickly to make up for it ... however if he is out of the desert ... and gone without a trace. do not pursue him. return here and alter me."
[20:26]<Bynw> (( alert ))
[20:26]<+Daine> ::Nods to Michon in seriousness:: "How are we to apprehend him if we do catch him? And what are we to do if he turns resident druids against us?"
[20:27]<Bynw> *Michon* "Send out a call for Master Nym"
[20:28]* Risira opens the case gingerly and peeks inside.
[20:28]<+Daine> ::nods, but doesn't seem very pleased with the answer:: "Yes Master. Are we to bring the net the undead fashioned for us?"
[20:29]* Regan looks over Risira's shoulder. The other eyebrow raises. "Nope, not a ribbon."
[20:30]<Bynw> *Michon* "Curiosity can be a dangerous thing."
[20:30]<+Daine> ::purses his lips at Michon's reply, but says nothing::
[20:31]<Bynw> "Be polite and well mannered. The Ranieth nobles take a strong dislike to those who are ill mannered and getting your throat cut is a common punishment for not behaving with respect and honor."
[20:32]<+Daine> "Who are we to give the box to Master?"
[20:32]* Risira looks up at Michon's remark about politeness with a look of surprise.
[20:33]* Regan looks at Daine pointedly. "Uh, oh." :: Mumbled ::
[20:34]<Bynw> *Michon* "You remember the uniforms of the soldiers in Einar? They are the same ... ask to speak with Lord General Maxwell. And until he arrives keep that lid closed."
[20:34]<+Daine> ::Looks surprised and taken aback:: "I show respect...I honor, well I honor those who show honor...." ::he says half-heartedly::
[20:35]<+Daine> ::To Michon:: "I understand Master."
[20:36]* Regan rolls his eyes. "Yes, we know you do brother." Smiles....half-heartedly.
[20:36]* Daine pouts
[20:37]<Bynw> *Michon* "That is all I have for you. Go and be mindfull of your surroundings"
[20:38]<+Daine> ::Shows his odd gesture of respect to Michon:: "Yes Master."
[20:38]<+Risira> "When are we to depart, Master?"
[20:40]<Bynw> "Two days ago would have been good." *he says answering Risira* "So I think now would be best."
[20:42]<+Daine> ::Nods and begins jogging towards his quarters to collect a few meager supplies, he speaks over his shoulder as he moves:: "I will meet you all back here in a few moments."
[20:44]* Risira nods to Michon.  "I will be back in a few moments as well.  I just need to get my Healer's satchel from my room."
[20:45]<+Daine> ::Grabs his usual travelling supplies and an extra satchel for the "box" they are to deliver::
[20:45]* Regan walks over to the bench and sits down next to his traveling bundle and rechecks its contents.
[20:47]<+Daine> ::after a moment of thought he also packs the net the vampires made in Einar, then jogs bak to the courtyard::
[20:51]<+Daine> ::Stands waiting for the others to rejoin him in the courtyard::
[20:52]<Bynw> *Michon has go back into the fortress to do whatever important task he had to do*
[20:52]* Regan just sits watching Daine.
[20:54]* Regan closes his eyes briefly. A moment later Rias appears out of the Silver Realm and trot over to Regan.
[20:54]<+Regan> ((Trots))
[20:54]<+Daine> ::Flexes the ornate gauntlet at the end of his armguard still becoming accustomed to it, the tips of each finger make a click-clack noise as each tapered point rubs the other::
[20:55]* Regan stands and pats his tricon on the neck affectionately.
[20:55]* Risira returns to the courtyard with her Healer's satchel hanging diagonally across her chest and a small bag in her right hand containing clothing and so forth.
[20:56]* Risira sets down the small bag and closes her eyes to summon Bashira.  The bay Tricon nuzzles Risira's hand, and Risira pets her nose gently.
[21:00]<+Daine> :: Packs their package into his extra satchel and gently slings it diagonally over his shoulder. He too closes his eyes for a moment to summon Qamar. He mounts carefully as not to jostle the satchel. He leans over to pat the Mares neck affectionatly::
[21:01]<+Daine> "Let's go." ::with that Qamar dashes off at a gallop as if let off an invisible leash and vanishes in a silvery flash::
[21:02]<Bynw> *the anadari find themselves assaulted by both sand and sea ... they have arrived a few hundred yards from a large and busy ocean dock and a desert city*
[21:02]* Regan checks his sleeves to make sure his throwing knives and whatnot are secure. Then he straps on his quiver, grabs his bow and checks the StarSword at his hip that Michon gave him. Then hops on Rias, puts the bundle across his lap and they disappear..
[21:05]<Bynw> *the day is just beginning in this coastal town. other ships can be seen further out to sea ... both coming and going and the place is crowded in the early morning hours*
[21:09]<Bynw> *the Einar style of uniforms can be seen throughout the crowd of people
[21:11]<+Daine> ::Qamar pulls up to a walk and Daine shows his usual dour expression to the world as they both enter into town. His tunic has been tailored with the right sleeve gone to allow a unhindered movement of his ornate armguard.::
[21:13]<+Daine> ::Looks about for an inn or tavern as he rides deeper into town::
[21:13]<+Risira> ::Bashira slows to a walk somewhat behind Daine and Qamar.  Risira has foregone the distinctive Anadari attire for a modest, very full-skirted riding gown of gray linen and a headshawl of unbleached muslin.
[21:13]<+Risira> ::
[21:13]<Bynw> *the town boasts several inns and taverns ... there is a sailor crowd to deal with*
[21:14]* Regan and Rias follow behind Risira wayching the crowd with interest.
[21:15]* Risira almost unconsciously draws her headshawl closer around her face.
[21:17]* Regan nods respectfully to an elder lady that is leaning out a first floor window checking her freshly baked bread.
[21:18]<Bynw> *several soldiers, on horseback approach the anadari* "Welcome to Ranieth." *a young officer says*
[21:19]<+Daine> ??What language are they speaking??
[21:19]<Bynw> !! cana
[21:20]* Regan declinates his head slightly to the officer in greating.
[21:20]<+Regan> (greeting)
[21:21]* Risira inclines her head respectfully but says nothing.
[21:22]<+Daine> ::He locks eyes with the man that spoke, his dour expression unchanging as he replies in accented Cana:: "Greetings. We have a package for Lord General Maxwell."
[21:25]<Bynw> *the officer raises an eyebrow* "What kind of a package? I will see to it that it gets to him"
[21:27]<+Daine> ::Shakes his head:: "We are to give it to him, personally. Please show us to him, if you would."
[21:28]<Bynw> *the officer looks over the assembled anadari* "Follow us" *and they ride toward one of the buildings on the desert edge of town*
[21:28]* WarLord (~WarLord@48DFF2.199311.CA8536.6482F3) has left #teara-adan
[21:29]<+Daine> ::Glances meaningfully at Risira and Regan and then follows the officer on Qamar::
[21:29]* Risira and Bashira follow Daine.
[21:30]<Bynw> *at the building the officer tells them* "You will dismount here and come inside"
[21:30]* Regan follows behind everyone staying slightly at angle to Daine's right
[21:31]* Risira gracefully dismounts.  ::to Bashira::  @@Will you please stay here and wait for my return?@@
[21:32]<+Daine> ::offers no argument, and simply dismounts at the officers word. Qamar snorts and tosses her head nervously but stays put::
[21:35]<+Daine> ::Qamar vanishes in a flash of silvery light as Daine steps away from her::
[21:35]* Regan closes his eyes
[21:35]<+Regan> roll 6df+ for Casting
[21:35]<+BoxCars> Regan rolls 6df+ for Casting and gets (-)(+)(-)(+)(-)(-) Fair
[21:38]<+Regan> :: To Daine and Risira :: @@ I detect magic with the officer. @@
[21:38]<Bynw> *the young officer leads the anadari into the building ... it is much cooler and darker on the inside than being outside in the near desert sun*
[21:38]<Bynw> *a welcome relief ... he takes them to a foyer and instructs them to wait*
[21:39]<+Daine> @@::To Regan and Risira:: "Perhaps another vampire thrall like in Einar?"@@
[21:40]<+Risira> @@"I don't know, brother, but I believe we should keep our guard well up."@@
[21:41]<+Daine> ::Nods to Risira and then his gaze begins scanning around them for danger::
[21:43]* Regan leans against the wall next to the entrance. @@ "It's his ring. " @@
[21:44]<+Regan> @@ "Same type that Warden uses, I believe." @@
[21:45]<+Daine> ::nods to Regan:: @@"Just like that blood cow, Warden, in Einar. I'll bet they use the rings to identify their property. Useful knowledge."@@
[21:45]<+Regan> @@ "Yeah, same magic." @@
[21:48]<+Daine> @@"The ring Warden wore warded against fire, I wonder if it would be of any use against cold?"@@
[21:48]<+Regan> @@ "That would be convenient here, no doubt." @@
[21:50]<+Daine> ??Any windows in this room? Any outside light getting in here at all??
[21:51]<Bynw> !! no windows at all in this room ... only light is from candles placed throughout the room*
[21:52]<+Daine> @@"No windows, no sunlight here. Definetly Vampires, likely the local leader is this Maxwell thing."@@
[21:53]* Risira takes a very quiet deep breath, centering a bit, and reinforces her shields as subtly as she can.
[21:54]* Regan toys with the hilt of his sheathed StarSword.
[21:56]<+Daine> ::His right hand rests lazily on the butt of his revolver with a soft scratch of metal on wood. he backs into the center of the room and faces away from Regan and Risira putting his back to them::
[21:56]<Bynw> *after about a quarter of an hour the doors open again and the young officer greets them* "The Lord General will see you now" *and an older looking man, mid 50s comes into the room wearing the rank insigna of a Lord General ... in the pattern of Einar*
[21:57]<Bynw> *he dismisses the young officer and the door closes as the young officer departs*
[21:58]* Regan stands up straighter and no longer leans against the wall. He bows his head respectfully at the Lord General
[22:01]<+Daine> ::Swallows hard before talking:: "The Prince of Einar gave this to us to present to you in payment." ::digs the box out of the satchel at his side and holds it out to the Lord General."
[22:03]<Bynw> *Maxwell* "You cut directly to business young Anadari." *he takes the box and sets it down beside him* "Welcome to Ranieth. Is this your first visit to our Kingdom?"
[22:05]<+Daine> ::Takes a step back from Maxwell after he hands over the box:: "Yes."
[22:06]<+Daine> "We represent House Horizon."
[22:08]<Bynw> *Maxwell opens the box and runs his hands across the contents* "Ah"
[22:10]* Regan gulps silently.
[22:10]<Bynw> "You wish our protection to cross the desert and to apprehend someone we have already given protection too. We will allow this but there can be no bloodshed. No killing within the Kingdom of Ranieth if you have some quarrel with this person ... 'Chadwick'."
[22:14]<Bynw> "You will remain here while we make the arrangements for your crossing. I hate to have something go wrong with it." *he closes the box and takes it with him as he leaves*
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