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Episode 1
« on: 16 July 2009, 20:11:25 »

[20:11]<Bynw> +-------------------------------------------+
[20:11]<Bynw> |      Storm on the Horizon - Episode 1
[20:11]<Bynw> |         Beginning Adventure Intro
[20:11]<Bynw> +-------------------------------------------+
[20:11]<Bynw> | It has taken the Anadari Apprentices of
[20:11]<Bynw> | House Horizon a total of 3 days to empower
[20:11]<Bynw> | and create their Star Swords. Some had to
[20:11]<Bynw> | take an extra day or two.
[20:11]<Bynw> |
[20:11]<Bynw> | All of the apprentices, except for Tara
[20:11]<Bynw> | and Dennis have created a Star Sword. Tara
[20:11]<Bynw> | has accepted one from her Master and future
[20:11]<Bynw> | husband Nym Gibran. Dennis has declined on
[20:11]<Bynw> | creating one at this time stating that he is
[20:11]<Bynw> | not yet ready to do so.
[20:11]<Bynw> |
[20:11]<Bynw> | On the 4th of Juli 464 NE, there was a
[20:11]<Bynw> | wave felt across the Akasha as the Deever
[20:11]<Bynw> | Matrix made its presence known - and it was
[20:11]<Bynw> | filled with darkness. Even non-Anadari
[20:11]<Bynw> | adepts could feel the Matrix but may not
[20:11]<Bynw> | know what it was, just taking a look in
[20:11]<Bynw> | its direction.
[20:11]<Bynw> |
[20:11]<Bynw> | Nym has decided on the next course of action
[20:11]<Bynw> | to be taken by House Horizon and has left
[20:11]<Bynw> | his instructions with Michon. Then Nym and
[20:11]<Bynw> | Tara left the fortress together for some
[20:11]<Bynw> | time alone.
[20:11]<Bynw> |
[20:11]<Bynw> | The following day Michon has assembled the
[20:11]<Bynw> | apprentices in the Tri-Sun fortress court
[20:11]<Bynw> | yard.
[20:11]<Bynw> +-------------------------------------------+
[20:11]<Bynw> |     Today's Game Date: Saturday the
[20:11]<Bynw> |                5 Juli 464 NE
[20:11]<Bynw> |              Game Time: Morning
[20:11]<Bynw> |          Location: Tri-Sun Fortress
[20:11]<Bynw> |            End of Adventure Intro
[20:11]<Bynw> +-------------------------------------------+
[20:15]<Bynw> *michon watches as the apprentices gather in the courtyard of the fortress
[20:15]<+Daine> ::is dressed in leather protecting gear and fresh from the forge in the corner of the courtyard, his smiths hammer still in hand::
[20:16]<+Daine> ::Gathers near Michon as he wipes sweat from his freshly shaven head::
[20:17]<+Daine> "Master Michon, has something happened?"
[20:17]* Master_Nym is now known as Spunky
[20:18]* Risira smooths wrinkles from the skirt of her long gray linen dress and joins the others in the courtyard.
[20:18]<Bynw> *michon* "Something indeed is a good choice of word Daine"
[20:22]<Bynw> *once all the apprentices are assembled michon begins* "Before Master Nym left yesterday 2 great events took place that will shape our futures forever."
[20:26]<Bynw> *michon* "first of all the matrix at deever had its birth and we all felt it ... and not just anadari either. the 2nd event that happened was that Master Nym located the renegade druid Chadwick"
[20:28]<+Daine> ::Smiles, his hands turn white as he grips the smith hammer::
[20:29]* Risira 's eyes go wide.  "What--where--what are we going to do about him?"
[20:29]<Bynw> *michon* "the short story is you are going to go after him ... find out what his short term goals are if you can ... and after that head toward his long term goal."
[20:30]<+Daine> "The Giver of Gifts?"
[20:30]<Bynw> *michon shakes his head*
[20:32]<Bynw> "the details of chadwick's plan are not know, however he is in Kaec at this very moment crossing the Time Desert. something that should take a week or so if he remains with the caravan he joined. if he leaves it and travels on his own ... he could cut the time considerably."
[20:32]<Bynw> *he continues*
[20:33]<Bynw> "for those that dont know too much about Kaec. It's an island off the coast of the southlands here. the people there are even more untrusting of outsiders and the whole of the island is warded to prevent magical entry ... save for a few areas where the wards are weaker"
[20:34]<+Daine> ::Glances at Risira at the mention of the southlands::
[20:34]<Bynw> "it is also a culture where druids are highly revered. so that will give chadwick an edge."
[20:35]<+Daine> "Master. I thought Chadwick was a renegade even in his order?"
[20:36]* Risira appears to be lost in thought, but notices Daine's look.
[20:37]<Bynw> *Michon* "He is a renegade within his own order because they have a split on who is the giver of gifts. he is a renegade because he is a druid of krish and they do not give the allegience the arch druid of the blackforst, camidus. master nym's ally"
[20:39]<+Daine> "Surely these Druids in Kaec would not support his mad dream of destroying civilization though?"
[20:42]<Bynw> "it remains to be seen Daine. we don't know if they would support him, rally behind him or be indifferent to him. he is a druid and he could gain allies of his own there."
[20:43]<+Daine> ::nods::
[20:43]<+Risira> "What do we need to worry about if he does gain allies?"
[20:43]<Bynw> *Regan* "I say we should stop him. Llanth nearly did with his bow. Daine surly can with his gun. And we all are far better skilled than when we last met him"
[20:45]<Bynw> *Michon* "a single druid can control the land around you for a few yards and the weather too ... but leave the area and he must move with you"
[20:46]<Bynw> *Llanth* "Chadwick controlled the land of Warp Wood rather well and to his advantage .. he had a small following there "
[20:47]<+Risira> "Can our Tricons help us get there?"
[20:47]<Bynw> *Michon* "an army of druids that are hell bent on stopping you will have blizzards in the middle of high summer and earth quakes rocking the land that you attempt to build on. just having food and water would be a struggle ... let alone attempting any actions against such an army."
[20:48]<+Daine> ::Grunts at Regan's comment:: "Careful brother, we surprised him last time. He will be wary of us this time. Keep in mind that we did not defeat him, Master Nym did. Our advantage is Chadwick's over confidence."
[20:48]<+Risira> "We did not defeat him at all, or at least we won the battle but we're nowhere near winning the war."
[20:48]<+Daine> ::Nods in agreement with Risira::
[20:49]<Bynw> *Michon* "With our tricons we will be able to get to Kaec at any usable entry point. Just not into the interior where Chadwick is located. That will take some more time. I suggest going through the Time Desert as well. There is a toll to cross it."
[20:50]* Risira nods.
[20:51]<+Risira> "Is it because of the warding that the Tricons can't get us near him, or do we not know quite where he is?"
[20:52]<Bynw> "A mix of both. You wont be able to use the tricons to get from here directly to chadwick because of the wards. but once inside you could use them to cross the desert quicker"
[20:53]* Risira nods.
[20:53]<Bynw> *Michon* "the toll is a must. crossing the desert without paying to toll opens you to attack by anyone who wish to attack you. paying the toll provides protection from attack."
[20:54]<+Risira> "How much is the toll?"
[20:54]* You have been invited to #teara-adan-ooc by Daine (
[20:55]<Bynw> "however much the kingdom of ranieth wishes to charge you ... i dont know what it is ... but i could find out in a couple of days." *he says*
[20:56]<+Daine> "Can the Arch Druid Camidus provide introductions for us to the local druids. Perhaps if we warned them of Chadwick's methods...."
[20:57]<Bynw> "My understanding of that is limited. but druids of kaec, the ones that make decisions, start out as druids from elsewhere."
[20:59]<+Daine> "I wouldn't know how to get a message to the Arch Druid, can you Master? It might be a  big help."
[20:59]<Bynw> *Michon* "Since chadwick is crossing the desert. he has most likely paid the toll and is therefor under protection. so we would not be able to attack him there either."
[20:59]<Bynw> "I will see what i can do on that one Daine "
[21:10]<Bynw> *Michon* "If you are unable to catch up with Chadwick ... we will move ahead of him. To his next goal where he actually told Nym where he was heading."
[21:11]<+Daine> ::sniffs:: "Where is that Master?"
[21:11]<Bynw> *Michon looks at Daine* "Home. To Kirsh."
[21:12]<+Daine> ::His eyebrows knit in confusion:: "We'll never find him in that swamp, Kirsh is too big, and too hard to search."
[21:15]<+Risira> "Do we trust that he was telling Master Nym the truth?"
[21:16]<Bynw> *Michon* "According to Nym. Its not the swamp Chadwick will be after."
[21:17]<+Daine> ::Looks to Risira, then back at Michon::
[21:21]<Bynw> "You get what I'm saying Daine?" *Michon asks* "Chadwick will return for Kirsh. Thee Matrix."
[21:21]<+Daine> ::His eyes widen:: "He's insane."
[21:22]<+Daine> ::He looks to the floor, his eyes flicker back and forth as he works it out in his head:: "The medallion is in Kaec."
[21:23]<+Daine> ::Looks up:: "The Waters family is from the southlands, they inherited the Medallion for our Matrix. If Chadwick had the Medallion to Kirsh he would go there first. He is searching for Kaec."
[21:24]* Risira makes a quiet noise of despair.
[21:26]<+Daine> "It makes tactical sense."
[21:26]<+Daine> "in an insane way."
[21:33]<+Daine> ::He folds his arms across his chest and looks to Risira:: "Do you have any allies or influence in Kaec sister?"
[21:37]* Risira shakes her head in the negative.  "No, my brother.  I was a Healer to the court of the king of Alandar when we met, and if my king had any allies there, I might be able to do something.  But Alandar has no ties to Kaec."
[21:38]<+Daine> ::Nods and looks to Michon:: "When do we leave?"
[21:39]<Bynw> "Give me 2 days to get the information on the toll and see about Camidus as well." *Michon says* "Be ready then"
[21:40]<+Daine> ::Nods again:: "Is that all Master?"
[21:41]<Bynw> *he nods*
[21:43]* Risira nods and bows her head politely to Michon.
[21:45]<+Daine> ::Bows to Michon and returns to his forge. The rhythmic pinging of the smith hammer echoes across the courtyard.::
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