The Deryni were first of the awakened to have any form of supernormal powers. And they called it magic and their practitioners sorcerers or adepts. Some of what they could accomplish was called spellcasting. There was no better name for it at the time and many continue to use those terms today. Even though some are calling what the Deryni can do Psionics and the practitioners still are called adepts in some circles and mentalists or mindwalkers in others.

Psionics are mental powers. They require little else but a thought and the application of the adept’s Willpower to preform feats of mind magic. This power, since it comes from the mind, is inherent to the individual. And is governed by the presence of the Secondary Attribute of Psi.

All characters can be categorized as some form of Psionic.

  • A non-Psionic has no psionic ability of any kind. But can be affected by psionics. There is no cost to be a non-Psionic.
  • A latent Psionic has the Psi Attribute, no other psionic talent other than the possibility of some form of rudimentary mental shielding. This costs buying the Psi Attribute from nothing up to Fair at character creation.
  • A wild-talent Psionic has the Psi Attribute at Mediocre or higher and has ranks in 1 Psionic Talent. This costs 1 Gift and ignores any other prerequisites for the chosen Psionic talent.
  • A full Psionic has the Psi Attribute at Fair or higher and is able to acquire all Psionic Talents and Gifts. This costs 2 Gifts.

In addition to the 4 types of psionic characters above there is another type of psionic character. The anti-Psionic.
An anti-Psionic character falls into 2 types:

  1. Some king of alien physiology that are immune to any form of Telepathic contact and some Clairsentient talents as well.
  2. A wild-talent Psionic that is broadcasting psychic static at an uncontrolled level.

Psionic Talents
These are the collective skills and gifts of psionic characters. They are organized along several lines depending on the tradition of the adept.