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The New Dawn (Part 1)
« on: 09 November 2017, 11:14:05 »

[ 19:09 ]* Kagi is now known as Nym_Gibran
[ 19:09 ]<Nym_Gibran> ready when you are
[ 19:10 ]<bynw> (i am going to assume that Nym is at home in his little Astral domain... )

[ 19:11 ]<bynw> *A stone archway forms into the nearest wall. Within the archway are two sturdy oaken doors that open inward. The left side door opens revealing the shape of an elf. He looks old and tired. He is clad in the robes of the Knights of Bindar. And he is both a friend and mentor to Master Gibran.*
[ 19:12 ]<bynw> “I need your help Nym”, ::he says as he steps past the threshold of the doorway and into Nym’s surroundings.::
[ 19:13 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::Looks up and over a pair of reading glasses, a thick book in his hands, a fire in the hearth::
[ 19:14 ]<bynw> *the Elf smirks a little, just for an instant as he looks at Nym* "They suit you."
[ 19:15 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::Pulls the glasses off with a grimace, obviously a bit self-conscious of them. With a smirk:: "Vor'en. Come, in please." ::Stands and straightens his tunic::
[ 19:16 ]<Nym_Gibran> "Can I offer you a bit of black bean tea? Please sit." ::motions to a nearby chair::
[ 19:18 ]<bynw> ::he sighs a bit:: "If there were time I would gladly join you for a cup of tea. But others have already set things in motion that we cannot ignore." ::Vor'en says:: "And I need your help."
[ 19:21 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::Sighs and looks to the floor with a smile:: "There is always something that cannot be ignored in Adan. I had an argument with Alderic about this very thing. His position is that by always helping those in need you rob them of the chance to rise to help themselves. That...I'm sorry Vor'en, I ramble sometimes. What can I help you with?"
[ 19:21 ]<bynw> "Leopold" ::is all he says before turns back to the doorway he made::
[ 19:22 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::sneers unconsciously::
[ 19:23 ]<bynw> ::Vor'en just gives a slight glance behind him as he steps back through the open door::
[ 19:26 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::sighs and reaches above the hearth to pull down a ornate weapons that seems no more then a dagger. With a nods he sends a missive off to his wife containing everything that has just transpired and a promise to return soon. He then follows Vor'en through the door::
[ 19:27 ]<bynw> *as Nym follows Vor'en he feels a tug beneath his tunic. From the medallion that is the key to the Southern Matrix. And it's seldom heard voice in his mind telling him not to follow*
[ 19:29 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::Hesitates, his hand goes to his chest and grips the medallion there for a moment::
[ 19:30 ]<bynw> *the door remains open in front of Nym. although nothing can be seen past it's opening.*
[ 19:31 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::with a deep breath he replays the events in his mind, looking for anything out of place, reading Vor'en's body language, and opening himself to the Akasha and the southern Matrix to seek guidance::
[ 19:33 ]<bynw> *Nym feels the Akasha and it washes over him ... anything it might have told him is overshadowed by the evil of Leopold as if left unchecked, he will control everything to his will*
[ 19:34 ]<bynw> *the Matrix foresees death if you follow and death if you do not. but it prefers the latter over the former*
[ 19:37 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::nods to himself and mutters:: "Choice. It is the true power of the Akasha."
[ 19:37 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::With that he steps through the doorway, his hand on the hilt of his dagger::
[ 19:38 ]<bynw> *beyond the door is nothing but blackness. no features. no light, except what comes from Nym's abode through the open door.*
[ 19:40 ]<bynw> ::Vor'en is standing almost in front of Nym and with a gesture the door closes behind Nym. For a moment there is total blackness. And then just a soft light, without source, that illuminates both Nym and Vor'en*
[ 19:40 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::His hand-fire flares around him casting a dark green, flaming nimus around him and lighting his surroundings::
[ 19:41 ]<bynw> *there is another tug from the Medallion. The Matrix attempts to speak to Nym but it's voice is being blocked. Nym could swear that the voice in his mind has a tone of fear and panic. But it goes silent*
[ 19:43 ]<bynw> "I need your Medallion." ::Vor'en says holding out his hand. The power of the Matrix is required."
[ 19:43 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::Draws his Dagger, as he does so it extends into a wickedly curved single edge sword. His shields snap into place::
[ 19:46 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::He begins passively truth-reading Vor'en::
[ 19:46 ]<Nym_Gibran> "Who are you?"
[ 19:51 ]<bynw> "I am who I appear to be, Nym. I am Vor'en, a Knight of Bindar. If I wished to do you harm. It would have already been done."
[ 19:52 ]<bynw> ::Vor'en has not drawn a weapon, even to defend himself. His mental Shields are still at the normal everyday level.::
[ 19:54 ]<bynw> "Maybe I should show you more ... so you can understand."
[ 19:56 ]<bynw> *light expands in every direction around the two men. They are no longer in void of blackness but now standing in a forest of ancient trees on a mountainside. One that Nym recognizes almost instantly as Kirsh.*
[ 19:58 ]<bynw> *the sounds of the forest can be heard, as well as the smells as well. and in the distance off the side are the ruins of the ancient castle. and Nym can see it is being rebuilt.*
[ 19:59 ]<bynw> *and just a few yards away, Audric Schear stands murmuring words of power weaving a spell into being*
[ 20:02 ]<bynw> ::Vor'en:: "You know your colleague there. Surviving centuries as a clone of his original self. He is a powerful archmage and is just completing his spells that will protect him and alert him to any attempts at scrying. He wont detect us however."
[ 20:03 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::gaps, open mouthed, at Audric for a moment, but his eyes quickly dart back to Vor'en::
[ 20:05 ]<bynw> "Leopold on the other hand controls Kirsh and the Matrix at Deever west of Utha. He also has a minor matrix in between those too. And his agents are everywhere. He has trained a small force of Anadari and has them hidden from detection by the you and the other Masters."
[ 20:06 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::his hand-fire nimbus pulls inward and shrinks until it settles into his eyes which blaze with an un-earthly dark green smoldering fire::
[ 20:08 ]<bynw> ::Schear continues to work on odd pieces of equipment. Obviously things from Hemmelhold that defy the understanding of most people.::
[ 20:10 ]<bynw> "I need your Medallion to help even the field. Without it millions die because of Leopold and Schear who moves to stop him." ::Vor'en says:: "You are the only one that controls a Matrix that I trust."
[ 20:13 ]<bynw> *the vision of the mountainside melts away. leaving the two Anadari again the black featureless domain. only surrounded by the light.*
[ 20:14 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::he continues to hold his sword at the ready:: "I have never questioned you on your abilities to warp time Vor'en, I sensed it wasn't something you would or could share and such a request would strain our friendship. But now you must trust me. I sense something wrong."
[ 20:15 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::His eyes narrow:: "With you, or with this..."
[ 20:16 ]<Nym_Gibran> "Either way. I'll not make a choice without knowing what I choose. That is my choice, and I promise you, it wont change."
[ 20:18 ]<bynw> "Of course you do. And so did we. It is something that I cannot ignore. I usually let things happen that I know are going to happen. But not this ... the death of millions. I have made my choice to involve you, because I need your help. There is danger of course, mortal danger to both of us. But the price is worth paying to save everyone that would otherwise parish."
[ 20:23 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::shakes his head:: "I've never been one for the court and intrigue, but I've a nose for bullshit" ::taps his nose with his free hand:: "And it never lies. You're avoiding a straight answer. That wont change my mind. You SHOULD know that Vor'en. You WOULD know that."
[ 20:25 ]<bynw> ::Vor'en sighs:: "I had hoped you would blindly trust me. But you are still very much you. Even your extended life hasn't mellowed it one bit."
[ 20:25 ]<bynw> "The vision of Schear at Kirsh that we just saw. Was not what is happening now. It was a postcongitive vision. It has already happened."
[ 20:29 ]<bynw> "Leopold has been cut off from the power of Kirsh. But his agents and his plan in that particular event has allowed an amplified telepathic suggestion to be sent out ... to everyone. Just as Kirsh is felt by everyone. With only one simple command. 'Die'. Tens of thousands are already dead."
[ 20:30 ]<bynw> ::Vor'en tells Nym:: "I can 'warp time'. And I pulled you out of the past before that event took place."
[ 20:35 ]<bynw> "With the power of your Matrix to amply our power. We can reverse the deaths."
[ 20:40 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::His eyes go unfocused for a moment as he gazes inward:: "Are you breaking your order's rules Vor'en?"
[ 20:43 ]<bynw> ::Vor'en:: "Yes I am. We are not supposed to manipulate events that have taken place. That is also why I haven't told you things that I have known in the past. That would allow you to manipulate events without really knowing that you are doing it. But I cannot sit by and let millions die. And I am not alone either."
[ 20:46 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::His sword shrinks back into a dagger and he sheaths it in one smooth motion, the hand-fire in his eyes goes out, but is replaced with something...primal and predatory::
[ 20:50 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::Though he is not angry, the calm , subtle, and predatory nature that emanates from him his somehow even more unsettling than any display of hand-fire could ever be:: "You are not certain stopping this will not turn out worse...are you?"
[ 20:51 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::his eyes bore into Vor'en, waiting for an answer::
[ 20:53 ]<bynw> ::Vor'en:: "That I don't know. And wont until we start making the attempt. It is not an easy task to manipulate what has already happened."
[ 20:56 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::Nods slowly:: "I see the choice now. I understand Vor'en. I'm sorry I threatened you my friend. Please forgive me."
[ 20:58 ]<bynw> ::Vor'en smiles:: "It is understandable my friend. You are already forgiven. You are the one that is best suited for this task. Which is why I have involved you and not any other Matrix holder."
[ 21:03 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::Shakes his head:: "Let go of your self and search the Akasha. Do you not feel it? Do you not sense it?"
[ 21:06 ]<bynw> "Feel what?" ::Vor'en questions:: "I sense only that I must follow this course."
[ 21:08 ]<Nym_Gibran> "The me. Interference here will result in an outcome that is even worse."
[ 21:11 ]<Nym_Gibran> "If we allow the events to play out Leopold is vulnerable to permanent death isn't he?"
[ 21:12 ]<Nym_Gibran> "To oblivion?"
[ 21:12 ]<Nym_Gibran> "And if we step in, his plans move forward in hindered?"
[ 21:12 ]<Nym_Gibran> *in = un-
[ 21:16 ]<bynw> "If we do nothing. Leopold learns of other worlds and spreads his evil there. He may even learn the secrets of chronomancy, time magic. Since that is still the future we only know that he survives the devastation that he created and it gets worse. If we reverse the deaths that have already happened. We can act on that knowledge."
[ 21:21 ]<Nym_Gibran> "And if we use this event to destroy him while he is weakened?"
[ 21:23 ]<bynw> "We cannot. He can only be stopped in the present, by someone of the present. I have taken you out of time. Your future self might be able to stop him but that self doesn't know the truth of what has happened."
[ 21:26 ]<bynw> ::Vor'en:: "The only course of action for us, is to 'warp time' as you put it. And reverse what has happened. Giving us more time to act so we can prevent this future from happening again. And we must do so soon, before we are discovered by the rest of the Knights of Bindar and stopped."
[ 21:31 ]<Nym_Gibran> "Then why do you need my medallion?"
[ 21:33 ]<bynw> ::Vor'en:: "The power of the Matrix from your medallion will amply our power. We can devote less of our power to defenses and more of it to saving lives."
[ 21:35 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::Hands his medallion over to Vor'en, wordlessly::
[ 21:47 ]<bynw> ::Vor'en takes the medallion and holds it in his hands. He concentrates for a moment and then winces in pain as the medallion vanishes from his hand.::
[ 21:47 ]<bynw> ::He wipes away the fatigue and pain::
[ 21:48 ]<bynw> ::Vor'en:: "Join us now Nym." ::hes extending a mental invitation to join in a Rapport with others::
[ 21:49 ]<Nym_Gibran> ::He lowers his mental shileds enough to join in the rapport, but no more::
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