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Session 71
« on: 06 May 2016, 21:33:09 »

[20:31] <bynw> ****************************************
[20:31] <bynw> *
[20:31] <bynw> *     Session 71 - Imperial Dreams
[20:31] <bynw> *
[20:31] <bynw> ****************************************
[20:31] <bynw> *
[20:31] <bynw> * King Alderic has Valimar running as he
[20:31] <bynw> * believes it should be running. His
[20:31] <bynw> * representative is enroute to the Adanac
[20:31] <bynw> * Imperial Senate. And Valimar is
[20:31] <bynw> * beginning to normalize from its shift
[20:31] <bynw> * in power.
[20:31] <bynw> *
[20:31] <bynw> * While the King is alone with Admiral
[20:31] <bynw> * Alianna, Alderic entertains the idea
[20:31] <bynw> * of her resuming her roll as a privateer.
[20:31] <bynw> *
[20:31] <bynw> * The idea never made it further as
[20:31] <bynw> * Leopold made his apparance to the King
[20:31] <bynw> * and then to both. Giving them a warning.
[20:31] <bynw> *
[20:31] <bynw> ****************************************
[20:41] <Alderic> ::his eyes narrow a bit:: "The problem with being a known liar and megalomaniac is that everyone thinks your lying to them and trying to stab them in the back Master Leopold."
[20:42] <bynw> ::Leopold:: "What you know of me is ancient history told by the enemies of your own kingdom."
[20:45] <bynw> ::Leopold:: "As a King you should trust on a very few. Others might not be after your throne but they are only looking to improve their own station, wealth, or family status."
[20:45] <Alderic> "Nothing comes to mind that you've done recently to stray from that reputation, and much you've done adds it creedence."
[20:47] <bynw> "Yes I used my knowledge and power to deceive a crazy druid who wanted nothing less than the extinction of man, to believe that I was his god. He was a loose cannon and I allowed him to be killed."
[20:48] <Alderic> "You've built this kingdom with people that mirror your own sensibilities and code. Of course they seek only power, I would never doubt that. What I doubt Master Leopold is that you are not here now doing the same at my expense."
[20:50] <Alderic> "Are you trying to push the idea that you've changed somehow?"
[20:53] <bynw> ::Leopold lets out a sigh:: "I haven't changed at all. I do what I believe to be necessary to achieve a goal. That includes deception. Any general, admiral, or king does the same."
[20:56] <bynw> ::Leopold:: "It also means that sometimes I tell you the absolute truth as well. I can do terrible things, be ruthless and cruel. Or I can do wonderful things, be kind and merciful."
[21:02] <Alderic> ::Nods and grunts in affirmation:: "None of that makes you the person that so many stand against. Did you think it did?"
[21:04] <bynw> ::Leopold:: "Of course not. I am a legend in flesh. I am an Anadari Master of great power. A former General of Old Valimar. In which I carried out my duties of slaughtering our enemies with pleasure. Our enemies just happened to be everyone else."
[21:10] <bynw> ::Leopold:: "Some of them far more ruthless than myself. They hid their own evils by convincing others it was my doing or Valimar's doing. Especially that whore of Channist."
[21:13] <Alderic> "None of that is why I dismissed you, and still do not trust you. If it where all lies and misunderstanding that earned you your reputation it would not last. None of THAT is why so many stand against you for so long. Do you think it is?"
[21:20] <Alderic> "All kingdoms in all time have slaughtered in the name of preserving their philosophy, culture, morals, what have you. I know this, just as you do."
[21:22] <Alderic> "And all mens ways are right and justified in their own eyes. I know this, just as you do."
[21:23] <Alderic> "And you are no doubt able to commit great and wide spread violence of a scale few if any can match. I know this too, just as you do."
[21:27] <Alderic> ::Steps closer to Leopold and matches his stare, un-daunted, un-cowed, forcing himself to boldness:: "But all you've ever done you've done for you Master Leopold. Any good deed you've done for anyone or any nation was to create an advantage for yourself first and fore, a mutally beneficial and temporary pact.....
[21:28] <Alderic> You've surrounded yourself with like minded sycophants and power mad for so long, you don't seem able to tell their is something more. THAT is why they stand against you."
[21:37] <bynw> ::Leopold:: "Altruism. Selflessness. It has it's advantages for certain. And it is a very difficult road to follow. Most do not even bother with attempting it. Save a few Anadari and Paladins."
[21:38] * Alianna has been standing back, just quietly watching this exchange, shields up but not flaring.
[21:41] <Alderic> "Don't group me in with the phony faithful and the pompous righteous."
[21:42] <Alderic> "They give for what? You give a man a free meal and you rob him of the chance to find a way to get his own."
[21:46] <Alderic> "Most people don't want to change, they don't want to be more. What help are you doing them by giving to them without price?"
[21:48] <Alderic> "I man rapes a woman. You don't throw him in jail and pretend he will come out different. I say you give the woman an axe while he sleeps and name it problem solver, so that she may change."
[21:50] <bynw> "You are very different from your father. That has to be your mother's influence even though she too is Anadari." ::Leopold says::
[21:53] <Alderic> ::Steps back and folds his arms over his chest:: "I see things differently then my Father. He is a romantic, believing the best can be coaxed from people. I am more pragmatic."
[21:55] <bynw> "Do you have a quarrel with me that is truly your own?" ::Leopold asks::
[22:01] <Alderic> "A quarrel, not per say no. But you will never serve anything over yourself and that is exactly what I can not have here in the New Valimar. And you will never give up trying to raise an army under you that will never tolerate the Valimar I see for long. So you will come for my head so long as you serve yourself as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, it is only a matter of time."
[22:03] <Alderic> "And anything you put your hand will draw the ire of the world. And again, I cannot have that. Valimar will never be loved, but you Master Leopold will always be hunted."
[22:05] <Alderic> "I must ask Master Leopold, if your path of glory leads only to defeat, what good is that path?"
[22:05] <bynw> ::Leopold:: "There you are wrong Alderic. Valimar has served its purpose for me. I was born in it. I served it. I revived it so it could be among nations again. And I have fully turned it over to you do with it as you see fit. I will always take an interest in it of course. Valimar is my homeland after all. But it's fate is in your hands and not mine."
[22:09] <Alderic> "Valimar isn't what brings your inevitable fall, it is you. And it will follow you. It's form is meaningless, Channist, Anadari, Spectral mage, Me, it's just clothing. The real danger is you, always has been."
[22:10] <bynw> "So other than that tie. Valimar does not have my hand it its affairs. You have no uprising of those that may wish to follow me either. Although my former voice may cause you a problem."
[22:10] <Alderic> "Why not try something different?"
[22:12] <bynw> "I am trying something different. I came here, not because of something that benefits me. In fact it works against me. But I am here anyway." ::Leopold states::
[22:13] <bynw> ::he raises his hand to his forehead and grimaces as if fighting off great pain::
[22:14] <Alderic> "What is wrong?"
[22:15] <bynw> "It takes great concentration maintaining physical form."
[22:17] <Alderic> "Then say what you have come to say."
[22:19] <bynw> ::Leopold:: "I have already. I have come to warn you of deception. But to give you all the details would be giving you that free meal."
[22:20] <Alderic> ::Nods:: "Fair enough."
[22:22] <Alderic> "Seemingly pointless, but fair."
[22:24] <Alderic> "And now Master Leopold, unless you have something else to add it is time for us to get to the matter of our duel arcane."
[22:24] <bynw> ::Leopold:: "Very well."

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