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Sci-Fi Ship Classes/Scales
« on: 07 October 2010, 10:13:39 »
Scale/Class 0 -- Light Fighter: A small agile fighter with few weapons and even less armor. The A-Wing from Star Wars is a good example, as are the 4 winged fighter ships from Babylon 5. Light fighters are usually piloted by one person, two at the very most.

Scale/Class 1 -- Heavy Fighter or Small Shuttlecraft: Bigger than light fighters but still relatively small. Heavy fighters and shuttlecraft can only hold a few people.

Scale/Class 2 -- Medium-sized Shuttlecraft, Courier or Scout Ship: Now you are getting out of tiny fighter territory and into true spaceships. This a fairly nice ship for a small player group, though it may not last long against much resistance in combat.

Scale/Class 3 -- Corvette or Light Freighter: A true spaceship, the corvette is fairly large, but still not large enough to take on capital ships. The Millennium Falcon of Star wars is a good example of a ship this size. This is a great sized ship for player groups; it is big enough for most adventures, such as the exploration of planets or ferrying cargo, while not overwhelming in size, like a capital ship.

Scale/Class 4 -- Large Corvette I: Another good ship for player characters, much like Scale/Class 3 except, well, bigger.

Scale/Class 5 -- Large Corvette II:

Scale/Class 6 -- Heavy Destroyer or Heavy Freighter: A dedicated capital ship, the heavy destroyer will have multiple weapon systems and will most likely be a difficult opponent in combat. A freighter will have a huge cargo bay in place of weapons.

Scale/Class 7 -- Heavy Destroyer or Heavy Freighter II:

Scale/Class 8 -- Bulk Freighter or Cruiser: The cruiser is a much bigger version of the destroyer, hosting many weapon systems and even a few fighter craft. Bulk freighters are huge vessels that are most likely the standard cargo carriers in the safe and secure regions of space.

Scale/Class 9 -- Battle Cruiser:

Scale/Class 10 -- Dreadnought: These huge ships form the core of any fleet. Their massive weapon systems, almost impenetrable armor, and their army of soldiers stationed onboard make them a fortress in space.

Scale/Class 11+: Any Scale/Class above 10 should be reserved for one-of-a-kind ships and super powered alien spaceships.
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