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Knaight's Fudge: Mod-Bots Actual Play No. 1
« on: 27 September 2009, 04:57:06 »
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Sep 27 07:41:37 <Papaganoush>   use ~ as a parameter to not add roll to defense
Sep 27 07:41:41 <Papaganoush>   later
Sep 27 07:42:00 <fudgebob>   ok!
Sep 27 07:42:04 <fudgebob>   tnx!
Sep 27 07:58:33 *   Knaight ( has joined #FUDGE
Sep 27 07:59:46 <fudgebob>   hi Knaight
Sep 27 08:00:06 <Knaight>   Hello.
Sep 27 08:00:12 <fudgebob>   :)
Sep 27 08:00:15 <fudgebob>   wazzup?
Sep 27 08:00:41 <Knaight>   Not a lot. Just doing school related stuff.
Sep 27 08:00:59 <fudgebob>   k :)
Sep 27 08:01:03 <Knaight>   Which seems really weird, since I never do that on Saturdays or Friday Nights.
Sep 27 08:01:15 <Knaight>   Actually, I just finished.
Sep 27 08:01:58 <fudgebob>   great!
Sep 27 08:02:04 <Knaight>   How about you? Back from work, or heading off to it?
Sep 27 08:02:14 <fudgebob>   its sunday morning here :)
Sep 27 08:02:22 <fudgebob>   i'm enjoying the weekend
Sep 27 08:02:38 <Knaight>   It would be. One of these days I'm going to get used to time zones.
Sep 27 08:02:39 <fudgebob>   ... being lazy and stuff
Sep 27 08:02:44 <Knaight>   I love doing that.
Sep 27 08:02:48 <fudgebob>   heheeh
Sep 27 08:03:02 <Knaight>   Its why I never prep for games.
Sep 27 08:03:28 <fudgebob>   :D
Sep 27 08:03:46 <Knaight>   Except for a tiny, tiny bit at the beginning.
Sep 27 08:04:11 <fudgebob>   whats this tiny thing?
Sep 27 08:04:36 <fudgebob>   :)
Sep 27 08:04:47 <Knaight>   Hacking Fudge to get the mechanics cooperating mostly. Maybe some setting work.
Sep 27 08:04:49 <fudgebob>   the campaign "name"? ;)
Sep 27 08:04:57 <fudgebob>   ah
Sep 27 08:05:18 <fudgebob>   same for me then
Sep 27 08:05:33 <Knaight>   I usually let my players name the campaign in the first few sessions, then act like it was my planned name all along.
Sep 27 08:05:41 <fudgebob>   lol
Sep 27 08:05:53 <fudgebob>   be back in a sec
Sep 27 08:09:34 <Knaight>   I'm feeling the abandonment already. Its like my parents all over again.
Sep 27 08:10:16 <fudgebob>   ?
Sep 27 08:10:23 <fudgebob>   how so, Knaight ?
Sep 27 08:10:32 <Knaight>   Sorry, orphan jokes. They are a bit tasteless sometimes.
Sep 27 08:10:40 <fudgebob>   ah
Sep 27 08:10:42 <fudgebob>   hehe
Sep 27 08:10:48 <Knaight>   I was talking about you being back in a second.
Sep 27 08:11:11 <fudgebob>   :)
Sep 27 08:11:35 <Knaight>   I'm not even an orphan, so I really shouldn't be making them. Oh wel.
Sep 27 08:12:22 <fudgebob>   !cast Knaight the Orphan!
Sep 27 08:12:22 <Cathrak>   fudgebob casts Airitzin's ineffective diminution on Knaight the Orphan!, who is now incapacitated!
Sep 27 08:12:45 <Knaight>   !cast Fudgebob the Ugly!
Sep 27 08:12:46 <Cathrak>   Knaight casts The call of the lawful neglect on Fudgebob the Ugly!, who is now instantly healed!
Sep 27 08:12:55 <fudgebob>   gee thanks!
Sep 27 08:12:58 <fudgebob>   lol
Sep 27 08:13:10 <Knaight>   Back to normal? That has to suck in your case.
Sep 27 08:13:19 <fudgebob>   hehe
Sep 27 08:13:45 <Knaight>   Actually, that brings up a point in modern settings. How do healing spells interact with plastic surgery?
Sep 27 08:13:45 <fudgebob>   its a random vancian magic thing :)
Sep 27 08:13:57 <fudgebob>   hmm
Sep 27 08:14:00 <Knaight>   Modern fantasy settings rather.
Sep 27 08:14:22 <fudgebob>   for me, magic would treat them as "foreign bodies"
Sep 27 08:14:49 <fudgebob>   thats just me
Sep 27 08:15:04 <Knaight>   Them? I can only think of one particular surgery where that would be applicable, and that's largely because I'm a teenager.
Sep 27 08:15:42 <fudgebob>   :D
Sep 27 08:16:04 <Knaight>   Most plastic surgery involves stretching the skin in specific ways, along with modifications to nose cartilage, cheek bone, etc. With the notable exception of liposuction and what I alluded to previously.
Sep 27 08:16:22 <fudgebob>   hmm
Sep 27 08:17:05 <Knaight>   And how would one deal with "foreign bodies" anyways? Removal?
Sep 27 08:17:13 <fudgebob>   then i should correct my idea... magic affects plastic surgery
Sep 27 08:17:43 <fudgebob>   i was thinking "foreign bodies" as being treated by magic as Unnatural
Sep 27 08:18:13 <Knaight>   So removal then? What about braces and fillings?
Sep 27 08:20:17 <fudgebob>   thinking...
Sep 27 08:20:29 <fudgebob>   (you can hear me think a mile away) ;)
Sep 27 08:21:33 <fudgebob>   if we stick to my original idea that magic will treat plastic surgery/braces/filling as "unnatural"...
Sep 27 08:22:02 <Knaight>   And in all cases they actually are attached, its not like clothing, so that makes sense.
Sep 27 08:22:27 <fudgebob>   these would affect casting on the body... removing said things are required
Sep 27 08:22:38 <fudgebob>   just throwing around ideas
Sep 27 08:22:43 <fudgebob>   :)
Sep 27 08:22:58 <Knaight>   As it is an alteration, and a restoration to what was. Hitting bystanders with area heal spells takes on a whole new perspective.
Sep 27 08:23:14 <fudgebob>   O.o
Sep 27 08:23:22 <fudgebob>   its your call, Knaight :)
Sep 27 08:23:32 <fudgebob>   when is James gonna be on btw?
Sep 27 08:23:36 <Knaight>   Particularly in the case of the surgery I alluded to previously.
Sep 27 08:23:43 <Knaight>   No idea.
Sep 27 08:24:11 <fudgebob>   :)
Sep 27 08:24:21 <fudgebob>   you're on pacific time?
Sep 27 08:24:39 <Knaight>   Mountain. Pacific is one hour behind Mountain.
Sep 27 08:24:51 <fudgebob>   !times
Sep 27 08:24:51 <Cathrak>   US Central(7:24 pm) US East(8:24 pm) US Mountain(6:24 pm) Brazil(9:24 pm) Germany(2:24 am) Philippines(8:24 am)
Sep 27 08:25:23 <fudgebob>   Knaight, do you have your own fudge system?
Sep 27 08:25:33 <fudgebob>   we could playtest it here
Sep 27 08:26:04 <Knaight>   I don't have one particular system. I am running half a dozen games in half a dozen settings at any given time, and tweaking Fudge differently for each.
Sep 27 08:26:44 <fudgebob>   hmm. you could design something for irc too
Sep 27 08:27:03 <Knaight>   Combat and Magic systems in particular see a lot of variation.
Sep 27 08:27:10 <fudgebob>   it has to be super-simple though
Sep 27 08:27:16 <fudgebob>   yeah
Sep 27 08:28:12 <Knaight>   I've had magic systems running the gamut from Spirit Summoning to Nuclear Fusion.
Sep 27 08:28:40 <Knaight>   The second one involved 2 particles, with magic simply being like matter, anti-matter, dark matter.
Sep 27 08:29:07 <fudgebob>   yeah, i noticed your preference to magical characters
Sep 27 08:29:21 <fudgebob>   ... and systems :)
Sep 27 08:29:24 <Knaight>   But with the energy connected to a consciousness idea, and you can direct it.
Sep 27 08:30:05 <Knaight>   It probably has something to do with my fascination with religion.
Sep 27 08:30:17 <fudgebob>   :)
Sep 27 08:31:25 <Knaight>   Particularly since I hover around spirit and divine magic fairly often.
Sep 27 08:32:42 <Knaight>   I blame being Abstract Sequential.
Sep 27 08:32:50 <fudgebob>   i've use Fudge Miracles... and it works good
Sep 27 08:32:52 <fudgebob>   brb
Sep 27 08:33:05 <Knaight>   It does work well.
Sep 27 08:37:11 <Knaight>   Using the word good in that case is grammatically incorrect. You probably picked it up off of James, its a very common mistake.
Sep 27 08:37:24 <Knaight>   To be needlessly pedantic.
Sep 27 08:38:32 <fudgebob>   :)
Sep 27 08:39:25 <Knaight>   Look on the bright side. The fact that I bring this up means your at least as good as most native English speakers surrounded constantly by English.
Sep 27 08:40:26 <fudgebob>   :D
Sep 27 08:40:50 <Knaight>   Actually, are you a native English speaker?
Sep 27 08:41:32 <fudgebob>   it's my second language :)
Sep 27 08:41:42 <Knaight>   Did you learn it when very young?
Sep 27 08:42:03 <fudgebob>   uh, from kindergarden to college
Sep 27 08:42:15 <fudgebob>   :)
Sep 27 08:42:56 <Knaight>   In the U.S, U.K, Australia, or similar, or just classes?
Sep 27 08:44:53 <fudgebob>   just plain old classes
Sep 27 08:45:14 <Knaight>   I'm really impressed then.
Sep 27 08:45:25 <fudgebob>   ... i mean, regular school in the Philippines
Sep 27 08:45:29 <fudgebob>   you should!
Sep 27 08:45:38 <fudgebob>   ;)
Sep 27 08:45:57 <Knaight>   Should be, not should.
Sep 27 08:46:24 <fudgebob>   you should!
Sep 27 08:46:28 <fudgebob>   ahahahahaha
Sep 27 08:47:26 <fudgebob>   thats what gives people "flava", as james would say ;)
Sep 27 08:48:15 <fudgebob>   enough of these "discussions"! wanna play a mythic-fudge game now?
Sep 27 08:48:28 <Knaight>   Well, when it comes to grammar the way James talks is a whole 'nother can of worms.
Sep 27 08:48:37 <Knaight>   You want to play a game now? I'll GM something.
Sep 27 08:48:55 <fudgebob>   sure
Sep 27 08:48:59 <Knaight>   Science fiction OK with you?
Sep 27 08:49:06 <fudgebob>   ok
Sep 27 08:49:15 *   Knaight is now known as GM
Sep 27 08:49:26 *   You are now known as Brock
Sep 27 08:49:48 <Brock>   wanna use the fudge-mythic dice?
Sep 27 08:50:55 <GM>   Fudge on the Fly for skills, attributes are Traction, Force Exertion, Computation Speed, Sensors, and Communications.
Sep 27 08:51:07 <Brock>   k
Sep 27 08:51:09 <GM>   2 free levels, default Fair.
Sep 27 08:51:35 <Brock>   attribs?
Sep 27 08:52:09 <GM>   Just like in BSS. Known as abilities in that D&D system.
Sep 27 08:52:45 <Brock>   k. all Fair attribs for me. for speed's sake ;)
Sep 27 08:53:01 <GM>   Sounds good. Starting now.
Sep 27 08:54:29 <GM>   Awareness comes slowly to you, diagnostics running on one component at a time. With a quiet hum, consciousness develops, culminating in the sudden access to your sensors.
Sep 27 08:54:57 <Brock>   *blink *blink
Sep 27 08:55:05 *   Brock looks around
Sep 27 08:56:14 <GM>   You are Serial Number 1894, early in a new line of robots, known as the Modular Sphere Mark II. And you can sense yourself moving slowly in one direction, enclosed in what is presumably some kind of container, dark except for thin cracks of light.
Sep 27 08:56:45 <Brock>   *processing...
Sep 27 08:56:52 <Brock>   *system check?
Sep 27 08:57:48 <GM>   All systems are fully working. Ports 1-6 are all empty, and referencing your built in database it seems they are intended to connect to nearly any part, with a focus on military hardware.
Sep 27 08:58:23 <Brock>   (cool)
Sep 27 08:59:02 <Brock>   *search for BFG attachment...
Sep 27 08:59:07 <GM>   Drawing up your schematics, it seems that you are shaped in a nearly spherical manner, with three stubby legs poking downward in a graceful curve, ending in a sharp line, covered in some plastic grip.
Sep 27 08:59:49 <Brock>   (my Scale?)
Sep 27 09:00:14 <Brock>   (and, am i pure robot? or with a human mind?)
Sep 27 09:00:18 <GM>   Your search on weaponry yields little. The database seems to connect only to the company Cicada, which seems to focus almost exclusively on robotics.
Sep 27 09:00:38 <Brock>   (ah!)
Sep 27 09:01:14 <GM>   You are about .4 meters tall, which is scale 0. You are pure robot, however AI is up to human levels at this point.
Sep 27 09:02:32 <Brock>   (i'll enjoy the ride then)
Sep 27 09:02:33 <GM>   The thinking is different however. Highly mathematical, empirical, measured. You lack any of the chemicals that control action, no endorphins, no testosterone or estrogen, nothing.
Sep 27 09:02:50 <Brock>   (logical as a Vulcan?)
Sep 27 09:04:40 <GM>   Kind of. However the system was designed by humans, and tries to simulate the human mind to a certain extent. The focus of that is on connections between you and other sentient beings, although nothing in the database indicates this is intentional.
Sep 27 09:04:50 <Brock>   (k)
Sep 27 09:05:02 <Brock>   like a spock then ;)
Sep 27 09:05:25 <GM>   Kind of.
Sep 27 09:05:44 <GM>   But without the sort of magical prescience that he seems to have in spades.
Sep 27 09:06:08 <GM>   (Give me a second here)
Sep 27 09:06:37 <Brock>   k :)
Sep 27 09:07:44 <Brock>   brb in 5 minutes, GM
Sep 27 09:08:03 <GM>   (I'm back)
Sep 27 09:08:35 <Brock>   back
Sep 27 09:10:03 <GM>   You are interrupted from your work when vibration sensors notice something minor approximately .83 meters at 3 degrees Polar.
Sep 27 09:10:52 <GM>   The pattern behind the vibrations matches diagnostics from boot up.
Sep 27 09:11:02 <Brock>   "Minor? Zooming in"
Sep 27 09:12:20 <GM>   Narrowing the aperture on the vibration sensors, the pattern is confirmed to be functionally identical. There are also two very regular noises in either direction along a line.
Sep 27 09:13:23 <GM>   The activation noise is along the same line, anywhere from +.01 to +.4 Z.
Sep 27 09:13:44 <Brock>   (whoa! did i tell you i suck at math?)
Sep 27 09:14:20 <GM>   One of the very regular noises gradually grows closer, the other further at the same rate. (Z is one of 3 axis. .01 to .4 Z basically means up .01 to .4 meters)
Sep 27 09:14:37 <Brock>   (i'm getting dizzy)
Sep 27 09:15:45 <GM>   (Want me to dial down the robot perspective a bit?)
Sep 27 09:16:07 <Brock>   (yeah. its not "fun")
Sep 27 09:16:33 <Brock>   (brb)
Sep 27 09:16:45 <GM>   (sorry. The group I originally used this setting on contained a bunch of mathematically inclined people.)
Sep 27 09:16:56 *   BloodSweatSteel (Mibbit@32F4F9.FDFD0F.44105D.726DD8) has joined #FUDGE
Sep 27 09:17:29 <GM>   (Hey James. Fudgebob and I just started up a Fudge game. You want to join)
Sep 27 09:17:39 <GM>   (I can fill you in while he takes a break)
Sep 27 09:18:09 <BloodSweatSteel>   I would except we're leaving to go to a Bret Michaels concert (don't laugh, the tickets were free :D)
Sep 27 09:18:23 <BloodSweatSteel>   I was just popping in to say howdy to everyone
Sep 27 09:18:37 <GM>   (Nice seeing you)
Sep 27 09:19:01 <BloodSweatSteel>   I plan to be on a bunch tomorrow, if anyone feels like chatting or gaming. :)
Sep 27 09:19:28 <BloodSweatSteel>   fudgebob, be sure to post the log of tonight's game so I can check it out! :)
Sep 27 09:19:40 <GM>   (I might be able to continue the game tomorrow. Its really easy to bring new people into this setting)
Sep 27 09:19:58 <BloodSweatSteel>   I'll be on early! :D
Sep 27 09:20:12 <BloodSweatSteel>   Have fun, my fellow Fudgites!
Sep 27 09:20:21 *   BloodSweatSteel has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Sep 27 09:22:42 <Brock>   back :)
Sep 27 09:23:21 <GM>   (awesome. James wants a log, by the way)
Sep 27 09:23:36 <Brock>   (yeah. too bad he's busy)
Sep 27 09:23:48 <Brock>   (gotcha on the math guys)
Sep 27 09:23:55 <Brock>   (continue?)
Sep 27 09:24:11 <GM>   (Yeah. Lets.)
Sep 27 09:24:23 <Brock>   (what am i working on?)
Sep 27 09:25:30 <GM>   You get the sense that you are on a conveyor belt, and assuming standardization about 10 robots are coming down the line per minute.
Sep 27 09:26:04 <Brock>   (ah! good!)
Sep 27 09:27:17 <GM>   Database analysis seems to indicate that you are going to be shipped off to fight some other robots in some dispute between humans who are connected to Cicada through nothing more than large sums of money.
Sep 27 09:27:43 <Brock>   (understood)
Sep 27 09:27:49 <Brock>   (go on, please)
Sep 27 09:28:40 <GM>   Chemical analysis indicates high levels of chlorophyll, along with a cheap silicon based binding agent.
Sep 27 09:29:11 <GM>   All this together places you on the inside of a cheap cardboard box.
Sep 27 09:29:18 <Brock>   (!?! Interesting)
Sep 27 09:29:26 <Brock>   (hehe)
Sep 27 09:30:39 <GM>   (So what are you planning on doing. Operating procedure is you just interrupt me if you want to do something.)
Sep 27 09:31:44 *   Brock telescopes an optical sensor at the cracks in the packaging
Sep 27 09:32:01 <Brock>   ... or makes a small one
Sep 27 09:32:23 <GM>   It looks simply like very thin lines where they should be attached. The exterior is a concrete building.
Sep 27 09:32:52 *   Brock trie to break out of the carboard box
Sep 27 09:32:55 <Brock>   *tries
Sep 27 09:33:17 <Brock>   "Initiating full environmental scan"
Sep 27 09:34:20 <GM>   Slamming into the box tilts it significantly, easily 30 degrees if the fluid in the directional sensor isn't sticking.
Sep 27 09:34:39 <GM>   But it starts to tilt back towards the conveyor belt.
Sep 27 09:35:18 *   Brock tries to rock it forward
Sep 27 09:36:07 <GM>   Backing up for a second slam tilts it in the other direction, gaining another 3.4 degrees.
Sep 27 09:36:53 *   Brock tries to punch thru the carboard
Sep 27 09:37:36 <Brock>   (do i need to roll these actions?)
Sep 27 09:37:59 <GM>   Slamming the cardboard tilts the box further in the other direction, and suddenly the fluid in the directional sensor is spinning. Either sensors are off, or the box is spinning through the air.
Sep 27 09:38:39 <GM>   (No need to roll these, they aren't high tension at all, and success is pretty much inevitable eventually)
Sep 27 09:38:50 <Brock>   (k ^_^)
Sep 27 09:39:53 <GM>   The box hits edge first, collapsing with the addition of your weight. There is a sudden high amplitude sound, and one of the cracks of light widens to a jagged hole.
Sep 27 09:40:18 <Brock>   "Zooming into the jagged hole"
Sep 27 09:41:28 <Brock>   (if i'm a battle bot, what are my choices for combat skills?)
Sep 27 09:41:52 <GM>   The hole suddenly widens, and you are free. You see box after box trailing down the conveyor belt, tipping off into the back of a truck.
Sep 27 09:42:30 <Brock>   "Scanning Area"
Sep 27 09:42:58 *   Brock initiate systems check, particularly Protocols
Sep 27 09:44:05 <GM>   (You don't start off with combat skills. However if you can access a terminal you can download programs, which might include ones built for combat. In addition there are weapon systems with built in programs. However memory is limited, to the skill boxes in Fudge on the Fly)
Sep 27 09:44:41 <Brock>   (noted. and cool btw)
Sep 27 09:44:47 <GM>   Systems seem complete, and you don't have any Virii.
Sep 27 09:45:19 <Brock>   (any limiting protocols, like Robocops? or the 3 laws of robotics?)
Sep 27 09:45:46 <Brock>   (... which i can only remember one: cannot harm humans)
Sep 27 09:45:58 <GM>   (No. But Cicada does connect to a supercomputer, and it is probably able to override your systems remotely.)
Sep 27 09:46:29 <Brock>   (so, as of now, i am a sentient, free-willed bot?)
Sep 27 09:47:08 <GM>   (Exactly. And smart as a human. Odds are the truck was going to transport you to somewhere with another supercomputer, although it is nowhere near as powerful.)
Sep 27 09:47:50 <Brock>   (its also nice that i know my purpose in life)
Sep 27 09:48:25 <Brock>   (but i can change that... coz i have a new Gift(Fault)... Curiousity?)
Sep 27 09:48:45 <GM>   (Go ahead and take it as an aspect.)
Sep 27 09:48:56 <Brock>   (k :))
Sep 27 09:49:29 *   Brock jumps off the belt or conveyor area
Sep 27 09:50:06 <Brock>   (area description?)
Sep 27 09:50:19 <Brock>   (no people?)
Sep 27 09:50:31 <GM>   (In any case you are free willed unless there is an override. Cortex II, the Cicada computer could do this easily enough if it dedicated enough resources, you don't have entries on others.)
Sep 27 09:51:21 <Brock>   (if i plug into a terminal... that is a risk?)
Sep 27 09:52:15 <GM>   The area is a conveyor belt, one one end of which is gluing boxes around the bots, itself a simple machine running a pattern. There are humans around in Research and Development as well as Programming if the database is accurate.
Sep 27 09:53:00 <GM>   Terminals are used only with information that needs to be secure, everything else is wireless. There will be sensors around most of them, and humans are liable to show up.
Sep 27 09:53:56 *   Brock scans for a any nearby terminal
Sep 27 09:55:18 <GM>   Heading away from the conveyor area, you descend somewhat. There is a maintenance hatch under the conveyor belts engines, with no terminals in sight. The database you have access to indicates those are all around the R&D or Programming areas.
Sep 27 09:56:40 <Brock>   "Query: Where does the maintenance hatch lead to?"
Sep 27 09:59:10 <GM>   Access to navigational information blocked. Contact Management or Cortex II. Have a nice day.
Sep 27 09:59:53 <Brock>   "Proceeding to Programming Area"
Sep 27 10:00:33 <Brock>   "Query: What is my 'Prime Directive'?"
Sep 27 10:01:05 <Brock>   (i have 3 legs... do i have arms?)
Sep 27 10:01:10 <GM>   General information about programming shows up. Progress on various projects, data collection on results of said projects, etc.
Sep 27 10:01:53 *   Brock goes to R&D
Sep 27 10:02:02 <GM>   (you have no arms. However ports 1-6 can all hold mechanical arms. Port 1 is on the top, ports 2 and 3 front and back, 4 and 5 to the left and right, and 6 on the bottom.)
Sep 27 10:02:39 <GM>   Access to Research and Development blocked. Contact Management or Cortex II. Have a nice day.
Sep 27 10:03:48 *   Brock goes to Programming
Sep 27 10:04:25 <GM>   General information about programming shows up. Progress on various projects, data collection on results of said projects, etc.
Sep 27 10:04:48 <Brock>   "Processing..."
Sep 27 10:04:49 <GM>   (dejavu)
Sep 27 10:04:59 *   Brock tries the hatch
Sep 27 10:05:04 <Brock>   :)
Sep 27 10:05:39 <GM>   Fortunately it opens inward.
Sep 27 10:06:05 <Brock>   "Scans"
Sep 27 10:06:23 <GM>   A camera on what is basically the inside of two short wheels is moving around inside, noting every square millimeter.
Sep 27 10:07:02 <Brock>   (can i fit inside?)
Sep 27 10:07:38 *   Brock picks up the camera
Sep 27 10:07:56 <Brock>   ... wondering if Brock can modify it
Sep 27 10:08:06 <GM>   (What are you picking the camera up with)
Sep 27 10:08:11 <GM>   (???)
Sep 27 10:08:13 <Brock>   (oops)
Sep 27 10:08:21 <Brock>   (forgot. armless)
Sep 27 10:08:49 <Brock>   if i can fit thru the hatch, i go in
Sep 27 10:09:02 <GM>   (Its connected to the inside of the two wheels. It looks like it connects to some sort of pipe.)
Sep 27 10:09:59 <GM>   (You can fit through it, but its a tight fit.
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Sun Sep 27 10:11:05 2009

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Sep 27 10:11:13 *   Now talking on #FUDGE
Sep 27 10:11:13 *   Topic for #FUDGE is: FUDGE: The Generic RPG System that makes you salivate when you say it's name.
Sep 27 10:11:13 *   Topic for #FUDGE set by jcfiala at Tue Mar 24 22:00:51 2009
Sep 27 10:11:13 -ChanServ-   [#FUDGE]  Welcome to the Fudge Chat.
Sep 27 10:11:13 *   ChanServ gives channel operator status to Brock
Sep 27 10:12:13 <Brock>   ?
Sep 27 10:12:20 <GM>   (Did you lose all the info from above)
Sep 27 10:12:28 *   Brock enters the hatch
Sep 27 10:12:52 <GM>   (Sorry, lost a sentence. The maintenance area connects to the pipe, not the camera).
Sep 27 10:12:52 *   Brock scans the camera-thingee
Sep 27 10:13:04 <GM>   The camera-thingee scans back.
Sep 27 10:13:51 <Brock>   (i can move around inside the pipe?)
Sep 27 10:14:23 <GM>   (In two directions)
Sep 27 10:14:46 <Brock>   "Query: compass direction of the pipe"
Sep 27 10:15:25 <GM>   No response.
Sep 27 10:16:25 *   Brock proceeds down a pipe, leftmost to him
Sep 27 10:16:55 <Brock>   "Log: Investigating left-side"
Sep 27 10:17:57 <GM>   The camera thingy follows you. Eventually it connects to a place full of other pipes, within which various camera-thingies operate. In addition there is a top hatch.
Sep 27 10:18:36 *   Brock tries the top hatch
Sep 27 10:19:39 <Brock>   (no terminals in this pipes-crossroads?)
Sep 27 10:19:42 <GM>   Your stubby legs can't seem to push it much. Eventually it slides open, allowing several of the camera machines to exit. It seems the wheels are magnetized.
Sep 27 10:20:00 <GM>   (This is the terminal in the pipe-crossroads?)
Sep 27 10:20:21 <Brock>   (are there terminals in this pipes-crossroads?)
Sep 27 10:21:32 <GM>   (This is pretty much the extent of it, at least here. There may be others elsewhere. Think of this as similar to the center of a spider web, with missing turns elsewhere. There may be other branching paths.)
Sep 27 10:22:18 <GM>   (Most notable is the access hatch, the rest is just nondescript transport pipes.)
Sep 27 10:22:30 <Brock>   (ah, you mean terminals as a place. i was thinking terminals as a computer)
Sep 27 10:22:37 <Brock>   (ok)
Sep 27 10:22:47 <GM>   (No, no luck there)
Sep 27 10:23:10 *   Brock tries to go up the hatch
Sep 27 10:23:17 <Brock>   *out
Sep 27 10:24:09 <GM>   Jumping doesn't work, but eventually Serial Number 1984 walks into the path of a camera bot, and is bodily hauled away.
Sep 27 10:24:30 <Brock>   (wow!)
Sep 27 10:24:56 <Brock>   (lower Brocks Intelligence to match mine, Mediocre)
Sep 27 10:25:14 <Brock>   "Scanning new area..."
Sep 27 10:25:40 <GM>   Once magnetized, another sensor activates, testing magnetism. (There is no intelligence stat. Computational Speed is basically Reflexes. I don't use mental stats other than perception. And your looking at a Good minimum.)
Sep 27 10:25:53 <Brock>   (okay)
Sep 27 10:25:57 <GM>   You are still attached to the camera-bot.
Sep 27 10:26:14 <Brock>   (ack!)
Sep 27 10:26:37 *   Brock tries his Wiggle skill
Sep 27 10:26:51 <GM>   And judging by the map it is heading towards a narrow hallway, in the general direction of security.
Sep 27 10:27:02 <GM>   Roll 3df for Wiggle.
Sep 27 10:27:02 <BoxCars>   GM rolls 3df for Wiggle. and gets ( )(+)(-)
Sep 27 10:27:30 <GM>   (Well, that was supposed to be an instruction, but you can take the roll if you want.)
Sep 27 10:27:50 <Brock>   roll 3df Wiggle manuever
Sep 27 10:27:50 <BoxCars>   Brock rolls 3df Wiggle manuever and gets (-)(+)( )
Sep 27 10:27:57 <Brock>   (heh)
Sep 27 10:28:39 <Brock>   (success?)
Sep 27 10:29:14 <GM>   You are able to get off when the camera wheels around fully, pushing you towards the ground, by rapidly moving your legs.
Sep 27 10:29:33 <Brock>   (cute!)
Sep 27 10:29:39 <Brock>   "Scanning new area..."
Sep 27 10:29:52 <GM>   Eventually it just decides to wheel away, with a sort of squeak.
Sep 27 10:30:07 <Brock>   :D
Sep 27 10:31:10 <GM>   Vibration sensors are detecting several patterns coming towards you, away from security. The amplitude for the lot of them is dramatically higher than the camera bots.
Sep 27 10:31:55 <GM>   And they seem to be closing in.
Sep 27 10:31:56 <Brock>   "Scan for signature" (i.e. what are they?)
Sep 27 10:33:38 <GM>   They match the movement recordings for another few robots stored in the database. Schematics portray what seems to be a tank, but with the treads as tall as the vehicle and on the outside of it. It is approximately your size.
Sep 27 10:34:49 <Brock>   "Query: Determine probable intent of tank-bot"
Sep 27 10:35:15 <Brock>   (is there a place i can hide or at least cover?)
Sep 27 10:35:21 <GM>   The gun on the tank is attached to a track, roughly a half circle, and the treads close together to form a triangle, coming to an end connected to a thin metal pole, itself connected to two wires, that also connect to the main body.
Sep 27 10:35:24 <Brock>   *take cover
Sep 27 10:36:28 <GM>   No, this is simply an access hall way. There are other halls, some in a direction away from the tank bots.
Sep 27 10:37:39 *   Brock takes the hall or path that will take him as far as possible from the tank-bots
Sep 27 10:37:55 <GM>   Access to Map Data is cut off, so you don't know where you are heading.
Sep 27 10:38:08 <Brock>   ... as fast as his 3 legs can take him
Sep 27 10:38:53 <Brock>   ... but choosing paths that can accomodate his size or bigger
Sep 27 10:39:43 <Brock>   (btw, have i told you that i hate being armless?) ;)
Sep 27 10:39:47 <GM>   All of the paths here are around 2.7 meters tall, and 2-3.2 meters wide, built in increments of milimeteres.
Sep 27 10:40:29 <Brock>   (i do love my appearance though)
Sep 27 10:40:32 <GM>   (Next game you play a double amputee war veteran.)
Sep 27 10:40:38 <Brock>   (lol)
Sep 27 10:41:00 <Brock>   brb. just getting some coffee... pls continue
Sep 27 10:42:12 <GM>   Eventually you come to a door marked Rainbow Acquisitions.
Sep 27 10:43:59 <GM>   The database indicates that it is intended for Mod-Bot testing.
Sep 27 10:44:44 <GM>   (I'm going to go grab some placebo coffee)
Sep 27 10:45:08 <Brock>   back
Sep 27 10:45:31 <GM>   (same)
Sep 27 10:46:37 <GM>   The database is closed off to you before you can access any files on Rainbow.
Sep 27 10:46:37 <Brock>   (nice name for a door)
Sep 27 10:47:11 *   Brock tries to open the door
Sep 27 10:48:29 <GM>   After hammering on the door for a while it is opened from inside, an irate human towering above you stating "what, it wasn't locked).
Sep 27 10:48:45 <GM>   Your only warning for this was the door know on your side turning.
Sep 27 10:49:09 <GM>   (door knob, sorry)
Sep 27 10:49:56 *   Brock moves back a little, intending to rush in once the door is open wide enough
Sep 27 10:51:44 <Brock>   (the human is with me? beside me?)
Sep 27 10:51:48 <GM>   The door opens after you rush back, the human standing in the doorway, and you slip in before the human can close it. She wisely decides to head in the opposite direction upon noticing a robot that was built for military use.
Sep 27 10:52:04 <Brock>   (cool!)
Sep 27 10:52:25 *   Brock scans area
Sep 27 10:52:55 <GM>   The room is full of weapons, of many varieties, all of which have a small rainbow painted on them somewhere.
Sep 27 10:53:13 <Brock>   (its christmas!)
Sep 27 10:53:27 <Brock>   (gimme gimme)
Sep 27 10:53:58 *   Brock scans selection
Sep 27 10:54:20 <GM>   Diagnostics reveal that your ports will be able to hold them, as the complex structure is more than variable enough to hold things built for other robots.
Sep 27 10:54:30 <GM>   Anything in particular you want?
Sep 27 10:54:35 <Brock>   <GM> (you have no arms. However ports 1-6 can all hold mechanical arms. Port 1 is on the top, ports 2 and 3 front and back, 4 and 5 to the left and right, and 6 on the bottom.)
Sep 27 10:54:50 <Brock>   a head for #1
Sep 27 10:55:02 <Brock>   arms for 4 and 5
Sep 27 10:55:29 <Brock>   something artillery like for #3(back)
Sep 27 10:55:59 <GM>   I said weapons, not mechanized humanoid parts.
Sep 27 10:56:00 <Brock>   chest beam weapon in front (#2)
Sep 27 10:56:06 <Brock>   kk
Sep 27 10:56:15 <Brock>   i'm still armless?!?!
Sep 27 10:56:24 <GM>   Remember, you are pretty much spherical.
Sep 27 10:56:30 <Brock>   i'm cursed i tell ya!
Sep 27 10:56:44 <Brock>   skates for #6
Sep 27 10:57:18 <GM>   Closest your getting to arms is a retractable grapnel. In this case one built with a fiber that retracts heavily when an electric current is supplied.
Sep 27 10:57:21 <Brock>   melee for rigth port (#4)
Sep 27 10:57:47 <Brock>   cool, that grapple for #5
Sep 27 10:58:13 <Brock>   are those ok?
Sep 27 10:58:49 <GM>   Weaponry is largely laser and plasma, although there are some explosives, most notably something nicknamed the Ares Bomber, a spray that launches a bunch of small explosive bouncing spheres, that detonate after a few bounces.
Sep 27 10:59:11 <GM>   There are no melee weapons, as that range is considered fundamentally unsafe for robots.
Sep 27 10:59:41 <Brock>   bomber for my back, laser for #4
Sep 27 11:00:09 <Brock>   is a Head ok for #1?
Sep 27 11:00:27 <GM>   No. You already have full sensor systems that a head does though. Except taste.
Sep 27 11:00:34 <Brock>   hehe
Sep 27 11:00:53 <Brock>   then the grapple goes there
Sep 27 11:01:09 <Brock>   left and right gets laser and plasma
Sep 27 11:01:33 <Brock>   for great justice! ;)
Sep 27 11:02:03 <GM>   The sensor systems mirror humans to an extent, which is to be expected, given the designers. However data collected by Cortex II and others has enhanced smell comprehension, and humans don't have Infra-red or Ultrasound available as sweep options.
Sep 27 11:02:03 <Brock>   do we have jets?
Sep 27 11:02:24 <GM>   Not in this room. Rainbow seems to be a weapon company.
Sep 27 11:02:33 <Brock>   and bots dont eat
Sep 27 11:03:15 <Brock>   skates are ok, for combat manuevers! ;)
Sep 27 11:03:21 <Brock>   ... and speed
Sep 27 11:03:26 <GM>   Yep. Closest is recharging, and there are panels for that, that can be retracted and pulled back in.
Sep 27 11:03:53 <GM>   There are no skates. However, Modular Spheres are built so as to be able to adapt machinery that is intended for other robots, or even humans.
Sep 27 11:04:12 <Brock>   okay
Sep 27 11:04:36 <Brock>   so, i still have #6 free
Sep 27 11:04:49 <GM>    It is confirmed through prior database searching that there are bots which have a wheel set up, often including a pump and vent to give them a boost through releasing highly pressurized air.
Sep 27 11:05:15 <Brock>   awesome. gotta look for those
Sep 27 11:05:34 <GM>   Keep in mind that all weapon skills are default poor, and you haven't downloaded any programs through a terminal. Also keep in mind that poor means a very different thing for a being built around calculating angles and trajectories and a human.
Sep 27 11:06:02 <Brock>   you mean Poor but bot Scale?
Sep 27 11:06:40 <GM>   Basically, but bot Scale is default scale.
Sep 27 11:06:52 <Brock>   k
Sep 27 11:06:59 <Brock>   !times
Sep 27 11:07:00 <Cathrak>   US Central(10:07 pm) US East(11:07 pm) US Mountain(9:07 pm) Brazil(12:07 am) Germany(5:07 am) Philippines(11:07 am)
Sep 27 11:07:48 *   Brock scans for any other weapons of interest, exotics maybe
Sep 27 11:08:16 <GM>   And using a numerical difference for scale would be absurd. A top marksman would look like a complete and utter novice to a bot, equivalent to someone who isn't entirely sure which end is the business end of a weapon.
Sep 27 11:08:48 <GM>   Notable exotics are air propelled cylinders that look like a hockey puck. They magnetize, then detonate.
Sep 27 11:09:17 *   Brock picks those up for #6
Sep 27 11:09:24 <GM>   They also come in groups of 3, and the magnetic s naturally lead them to surround as they repel each other.
Sep 27 11:09:33 <Brock>   k
Sep 27 11:09:43 <Brock>   does Brock have a storage compartment?
Sep 27 11:10:04 <GM>   Only data-storage. The grapnel can hold an object though.
Sep 27 11:10:21 BoxCars Brock Bynw
Sep 27 11:10:31 <Brock>   what is Brock's color btw?
Sep 27 11:11:04 <GM>   And you have built in components, solar panels, semi-retractable legs, ports in the USB sense. Brock is grey, currently with a small cicada painted between ports 5 and 3.
Sep 27 11:11:32 *   Brock scans for paint
Sep 27 11:11:51 <Brock>   so, the cylinder is fitted to a port too?
Sep 27 11:11:51 <GM>   The security robots are still on your tail.
Sep 27 11:12:08 *   Brock starts to leave
Sep 27 11:12:09 <GM>   The cylinders are deployed from a device fitted to port 6.
Sep 27 11:12:28 <GM>   Roll Sensors. 3dF as usual.
Sep 27 11:12:30 <Brock>   i grapple an extra cylinder
Sep 27 11:12:38 <Brock>   roll 3df
Sep 27 11:12:42 <BoxCars>   Brock rolls 3df and gets (+)(+)(+)
Sep 27 11:12:42 <GM>   Multiple come built in.
Sep 27 11:12:56 <Brock>   (wow)
Sep 27 11:13:04 <GM>   (Please tell me that this is sensors and not trying to punch through an explosive with a dart at the end of a grapnel)
Sep 27 11:13:34 <Brock>   sensors :D
Sep 27 11:14:10 <GM>   You detect the bots tailing you down a hall way, fairly narrow. Currently you have port 3 pointed at them.
Sep 27 11:14:20 <GM>   The Ares Bomber.
Sep 27 11:14:34 <Brock>   ohhh. cool. mayhem
Sep 27 11:15:03 <Brock>   (i'm already at the corridor then?
Sep 27 11:15:45 <Brock>   i will try my Ares Bomber on the pursuing bots
Sep 27 11:15:59 <GM>   (Ranged combat is handled similar to melee, which is simply simultaneous combat, although first attacks don't take penalties for multiple enemies, and are only going to see a reaction. Your on the inside of a door that leads to the corridor, and you can bounce Ares bombers off walls, so the corner between you isn't a problem)
Sep 27 11:16:23 <Brock>   k
Sep 27 11:16:39 <Brock>   i fire!
Sep 27 11:16:43 <GM>   Roll for Quadratic Projectiles. Currently a poor, although there will be penalties avoiding this.
Sep 27 11:17:20 <GM>   !roll 3df Bot1
Sep 27 11:17:21 <ChanServ>   1 == 1
Sep 27 11:17:22 <Brock>   ... taking time to let them come into optimal range
Sep 27 11:17:30 <GM>   1roll 3df
Sep 27 11:17:34 <GM>   !roll 3df
Sep 27 11:17:35 <ChanServ>   1 == 1
Sep 27 11:17:35 <Brock>   no !
Sep 27 11:17:47 <GM>   !roll 3dF
Sep 27 11:17:48 <ChanServ>   1 == 1
Sep 27 11:17:58 <Brock>   no exclamamtion points
Sep 27 11:18:08 <GM>   (Right)
Sep 27 11:18:15 <GM>   roll 3dF Bot1
Sep 27 11:18:16 <BoxCars>   GM rolls 3dF Bot1 and gets (+)( )(-)
Sep 27 11:18:22 <GM>   roll 3dF Bot 2
Sep 27 11:18:23 <BoxCars>   GM rolls 3dF Bot 2 and gets ( )(-)(+)
Sep 27 11:18:29 <GM>   roll 3dF Bot 3
Sep 27 11:18:30 <BoxCars>   GM rolls 3dF Bot 3 and gets ( )(+)(-)
Sep 27 11:18:49 <GM>   (And you roll for Quadratic Projectiles.)
Sep 27 11:19:04 <Brock>   roll 3df fire Quadratic Projectiles!!!
Sep 27 11:19:05 <BoxCars>   Brock rolls 3df fire Quadratic Projectiles!!! and gets (+)( )(+)
Sep 27 11:19:33 <Brock>   (everyones gets Fair?!?)
Sep 27 11:19:48 <GM>   With a masterful shot you knock all of the pellets down the hallway, with a fairly wide spread, knowing they will explode on anywhere from the 2-3 bounce.
Sep 27 11:20:00 <Brock>   O.o
Sep 27 11:20:44 <GM>   The robots know this as well, and which will be for each bounce, by the angles. A rapid stream of lasers and plasma lances pierce the air, destroying certain small pellets that will come to the second or third bounce around them from the air before they do so.
Sep 27 11:21:35 <Brock>   (ack!)
Sep 27 11:21:39 <GM>   You log 243 shots, note the direction, calculate which pellets would be destroyed, and realize that they are guaranteed to survive the onslaught, although the explosion will damage sensors.
Sep 27 11:22:32 <GM>   (I told you these guys were well beyond human marksmen.)
Sep 27 11:22:40 <Brock>   (bah!)
Sep 27 11:23:22 <Brock>   while they are engaged, can i fire my lasers, plasma, and chest ray?
Sep 27 11:23:35 <GM>   Sure. Roll Linear Beams.
Sep 27 11:23:52 <Brock>   roll 3df fire Linear Beam!!
Sep 27 11:23:52 <BoxCars>   Brock rolls 3df fire Linear Beam!! and gets ( )(+)( )
Sep 27 11:24:02 <Brock>   roll 3df fire Plasma
Sep 27 11:24:03 <BoxCars>   Brock rolls 3df fire Plasma and gets ( )(+)( )
Sep 27 11:24:14 <Brock>   roll 3df Chest Fire!
Sep 27 11:24:14 <BoxCars>   Brock rolls 3df Chest Fire! and gets (-)( )( )
Sep 27 11:24:19 <GM>   (One roll will do)
Sep 27 11:24:22 <Brock>   oops
Sep 27 11:24:25 <GM>   roll 3df Bot1
Sep 27 11:24:25 <BoxCars>   GM rolls 3df Bot1 and gets (+)(+)( )
Sep 27 11:24:25 <Brock>   sorry
Sep 27 11:24:32 <GM>   roll 3df Bot2
Sep 27 11:24:32 <BoxCars>   GM rolls 3df Bot2 and gets (+)(-)( )
Sep 27 11:24:37 <GM>   roll 3df Bot 3
Sep 27 11:24:37 <BoxCars>   GM rolls 3df Bot 3 and gets (+)( )(-)
Sep 27 11:25:01 <Brock>   o.O
Sep 27 11:26:12 <GM>   You spin around, firing the laser multiple times first. They hit wires embedded in the glass of the Rainbow Acquisitions door, and bounce at an angle calculated to hit enemies.
Sep 27 11:26:25 <Brock>   (coolness)
Sep 27 11:27:32 <GM>   Their calculations are equally fast, and likely better. As you prepare to fire they let loose a volley on the floor in front of them, your lasers all strike concrete debris kicked into the air. Other debris bounces towards you, some hitting your chassis.
Sep 27 11:27:45 <GM>   Sustain a hurt wound, on the standard wound track.
Sep 27 11:28:00 <GM>   And two scratches.
Sep 27 11:28:04 <Brock>   :(
Sep 27 11:28:34 <GM>   Fortunately for you plasma vaporized most of the rocks in mid air, as they were coming.
Sep 27 11:29:09 <Brock>   :)
Sep 27 11:29:10 <GM>   Your plasma.
Sep 27 11:29:20 <Brock>   one more weapon
Sep 27 11:29:32 <Brock>   the chest piece ;)
Sep 27 11:30:00 <GM>   Closer to a nose piece. In any case it was part of the defensive vaporization process.
Sep 27 11:30:34 <Brock>   lol. i meant i also fired my chest weapon
Sep 27 11:30:59 <GM>   (I know, its just that in front puts it more or less directly under the main visual sensor.)
Sep 27 11:31:24 <GM>   (Think of it as a sizeable eye, red colored, much like HAL from Space Odyssey)
Sep 27 11:32:06 <Brock>   ah ok
Sep 27 11:32:46 *   Brock tries to rip out the door and hurl it as his pursuers
Sep 27 11:33:18 <GM>   (You are trying to rip a door larger than you off of hinges with a grapple built for someone your size, without being secured?)
Sep 27 11:33:39 <GM>   (Or do you want to go with some finesse work with the plasma?
Sep 27 11:33:47 <Brock>   uh, finesse then ;)
Sep 27 11:34:19 <GM>   Roll
Sep 27 11:34:53 <Brock>   roll 3df plus 1000
Sep 27 11:34:54 <BoxCars>   Brock rolls 3df plus 1000 and gets ( )(+)(+)
Sep 27 11:35:35 <Brock>   *the tunnel shudders
Sep 27 11:35:47 <GM>   You effortlessly melt both hinges, hit the concrete by the side of the door, and the debris pushes the door towards the opposition. Want to include a disc or three at the guys?
Sep 27 11:36:01 <Brock>   yes!
Sep 27 11:36:03 <Brock>   :D
Sep 27 11:36:11 <GM>   Roll.
Sep 27 11:36:12 <Brock>   (i love it)
Sep 27 11:36:18 <Brock>   roll 3df plus 10000
Sep 27 11:36:19 <BoxCars>   Brock rolls 3df plus 10000 and gets (+)(+)( )
Sep 27 11:37:44 <GM>   You fire the disks at a slight angle, directing them into the gap left by the door while going the other direction. One misses the frame, and when the other two detonate, it doesn't. The detonation sends a large pile of weapons, mostly plasma and laser, into the hall way. As you exit around the far corner and the oppositon enters around the close one, the thi
Sep 27 11:37:48 <GM>   rd disc detonates.
Sep 27 11:38:22 <Brock>   (great imagery)
Sep 27 11:38:32 <GM>   A wave of plasma is directed through the thin hall way, fusing the concrete into a glassy finish, and utterly destroying everything in it.
Sep 27 11:38:51 <GM>   Victory is yours. Your a bit short on spoils.
Sep 27 11:39:05 <GM>   (You're a bit short on spoils, sorry.)
Sep 27 11:39:21 <Brock>   (hooray still!)
Sep 27 11:40:03 <GM>   In addition you just "found" a new exit. It connects to the Rainbow Acquisitions room. Or what's left of it anyways.
Sep 27 11:40:44 <Brock>   great!
Sep 27 11:40:48 <Brock>   break?
Sep 27 11:41:00 <GM>   Sure. 45 minutes?
Sep 27 11:41:27 <Brock>   more 6 hours coz i'm going out
Sep 27 11:41:34 <Brock>   good game, GM
Sep 27 11:41:48 <GM>   Thank you. I need to log this. Just make a word document?
Sep 27 11:41:59 <Brock>   you got the combat interpretation/description down pat
Sep 27 11:42:05 <Brock>   i'll do the log
Sep 27 11:42:16 <Brock>   i'll add it in the TA forums :)
Sep 27 11:42:21 <GM>   (But you will miss the first part, since you logged off and then back on)
Sep 27 11:42:32 <Brock>   only a little bit
Sep 27 11:42:47 <Brock>   and i can add the missing parts later
Sep 27 11:43:10 <GM>   (We should continue this. Away from Cicada, there is more in the way of roleplaying opportunities that don't involve combat.)
Sep 27 11:43:30 <GM>   So I'll log it as well. Just a word document, or is there a method Mibbit provides?
Sep 27 11:43:34 <Brock>   cool.
Sep 27 11:43:50 <Brock>   dunno about mibbit's logs
Sep 27 11:43:53 <Brock>   eherm
Sep 27 11:44:08 <Brock>   this is the time you're supposed to award FPs
Sep 27 11:44:22 <Brock>   (its a fudge irc tradition) ;)
Sep 27 11:44:49 *   You are now known as fudgebob
Sep 27 11:44:51 <GM>   One Fudge point for getting in trouble with your Curious aspect.
Sep 27 11:45:02 <fudgebob>   hehe. thanks
Sep 27 11:45:06 <GM>   And that will be all.
Sep 27 11:45:09 <fudgebob>   np
Sep 27 11:45:15 <fudgebob>   i have comments:
Sep 27 11:45:25 *   GM is now known as Knaight
Sep 27 11:45:32 <Knaight>   Hit me with 'em.
Sep 27 11:45:40 <fudgebob>   1) do not give beginning players armless characters!
Sep 27 11:45:59 <Knaight>   I assume there's a 2?
Sep 27 11:46:05 <fudgebob>   3
Sep 27 11:46:39 <Knaight>   Alright, lets see the rest of them.
Sep 27 11:46:44 <fudgebob>   2) more scene descriptions, like: where am i standing, to my left/right/front/back... near and distant
Sep 27 11:47:13 <Knaight>   Yeah, I'm bad with that. Seems to show up in IRC more than Face to Face though.
Sep 27 11:48:52 <fudgebob>   3) set some goal fror the player in the beginning... i just put in Curiousity so that i have a reason to go galavanting around :)
Sep 27 11:49:03 <Knaight>   Hah, I found logs that Mibbit saved. Its by channels and Logout, above the various chatrooms.
Sep 27 11:49:09 <fudgebob>   cool
Sep 27 11:49:11 <Papaganoush>   Knaight which old conversation do you mean?
Sep 27 11:49:25 <Knaight>   Papaganoush, I
Sep 27 11:49:31 <Knaight>   'm talking about this game.
Sep 27 11:50:02 <Papaganoush>   ah
Sep 27 11:50:18 <fudgebob>   3) set some goal  for the player in the beginning... i just put in Curiousity so that i have a reason to go galavanting around :)
Sep 27 11:50:25 <fudgebob>   or reason
Sep 27 11:51:00 <fudgebob>   these are just comments to improve the game...
Sep 27 11:51:09 <Knaight>   The issue is that that goes against the openness and sense of wonder needed for the setting.
Sep 27 11:51:21 <fudgebob>   true
Sep 27 11:51:29 <Knaight>   I really need practice with 2) though.
Sep 27 11:51:54 <Knaight>   As for 1), Beginning player? How long have you been at Fudge again?
Sep 27 11:51:55 <fudgebob>   congratulations, Knaight , your first irc game and very well executed
Sep 27 11:52:29 <fudgebob>   any player (new or experience) wont like to start ARMLESS, Knaight :)
Sep 27 11:53:01 <Knaight>   Yeah, it went well. I picked one of my more successful games. Mod-Bots was one of the few games I ran that was good enough for my players to demand a sequel.
Sep 27 11:53:06 <fudgebob>   very well done, Knaight , esp. the tech parts
Sep 27 11:53:20 <fudgebob>   gotta go guys
Sep 27 11:53:25 <fudgebob>   see ya later
Sep 27 11:53:30 <fudgebob>   thanks, Knaight
Sep 27 11:53:38 <Knaight>   You can almost see my engineer background over the internet. See you around, and lets do this again some time.
Sep 27 11:53:53 <Knaight>   I got a log by the way. 12 pages of Fudge goodness.
Sep 27 11:54:08 <fudgebob>   :)
Sep 27 11:54:10 <fudgebob>   quit
Sep 27 11:54:20 <Knaight>   See you around later.