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Polyhedral Fudge / Fudge d6 Secondary Attributes
« Last post by Bynw on 14 June 2019, 22:13:55 »
Attributes (Secondary)
Secondary attributes are not common to all characters. These can be granted by various factors. But like primary attributes, these too usually default to Average when acquired. The most common secondary attribute is:

Psi - this is the attribute that determines if you can read the thoughts of a tomato salesman.

Other secondary attributes maybe created by the GM as needed.
Polyhedral Fudge / Fudge d6 Primary Attributes
« Last post by Bynw on 14 June 2019, 22:12:36 »
Attributes (Primary)
These are the 6 Primary character attributes. All characters share these same attributes. There are secondary attributes that are not common to call characters and will be detailed separately. At character creation the primary attributes default to Average.

Strength - this is the attribute that determines how easily you can crush a tomato.
Agility - this is the attribute that determines how easily you can dodge or throw a tomato.
Stamina - this is the attribute that determines how easily you can eat a bad tomato.
Perception - this is the attribute that determines how easily you can spot a bad tomato.
Intellect - this is the attribute that determines if you know a tomato is fruit.
Willpower - this is the attribute that determines that you shouldn’t make a tomato based fruit salad and it also determines how well you can sell a tomato based fruit salad.
Polyhedral Fudge / Fudge d6 Fudge Points
« Last post by Bynw on 14 June 2019, 21:42:03 »
Fudge Points
    • 1 Fudge Point can lower a single wound or injury by one level
    • 1 Fudge Point can shift any die result up or down by 5 points
    • 1 Fudge Point can added a bonus Wild Die to the rolled. This die explodes on a 6 allowing re-rolls while adding the results to the total anytime it comes up as a 6. This must be spent before rolling any dice.
    • 2 Fudge Points can give an automatic 24 roll result without rolling on any Test
    • 1 or more Fudge Points can be spent to gain a favorable coincidence for the player
    • Other uses are possible that the GM can allow. The GM is also free to limit the number of Fudge Points being spent for any bonuses to Tests.
Polyhedral Fudge / Fudge d6 Difficulties
« Last post by Bynw on 14 June 2019, 20:57:22 »
Standard Difficulty Target Numbers
Negligible or Poor (1)
Simple or Mediocre (5)
Mundane or Average (10)
Difficult or Fair (15)
Daunting or Good (20)
Staggering or Great (25)
Nearly Impossible or Superb (30)

Relative Degrees - Degrees of Success and Failure
Minimal (0) - You rolled the Target Number exactly
Solid (1-4) - Your rolled within 4 points of the Target Number
Good (5-8)  - 1 Degree
Superior (9-12) - 2 Degrees
Spectacular (13-16) - 3 Degrees
Incredible (17+) - 4 Degrees
Polyhedral Fudge / The Fudge d6 Ladder
« Last post by Bynw on 14 June 2019, 20:51:25 »
Fudge d6 uses standard six-sided dice instead of the specialized fudge dice. Many of the base concepts of classic Fudge remain the same but there are some exceptions.

The Ladder

*At ranks this low the character doesn’t get to roll any dice without spending Fudge Points. But they get to take a 2 or 1 as the total on any Test.
**At this rank, the character must spend a Fudge Point and then it is treated as if the character rolled a single die and got a 1 as the result.
Objects / Gun Cord
« Last post by Bynw on 22 May 2019, 11:27:28 »
  Firearms play a large part in Adan. Few people would argue on the raw destructive power of a firearm in the hands of a trained gunman. So it has become a common tactic of arcane users to remove such weapons either out of the holster or out of the hand of experienced gunmen.
   Inevitably these mundane gunmen (often bounty hunters) have countered this tactic with an invention of their own.
   A simple cord (or fine chain) loop is attached to the butt of the firearm and looped over the shoulder and around the body. Many different styles exist. But the function is the same a cord the keeps the firearm from being pulled away from the gunman.
Objects / PsiLight (Object)
« Last post by Bynw on 22 May 2019, 11:26:39 »

  The inventor of the psi-light is lost in antiquity, but it has become a common sight in some of the larger towns and almost all cities of Teara-Adan.

  The Psi-light looks like a metal post roughly 5-7 feet tall and six inches round topped with an obsidian globe roughly 10-12 inches around and weights about 180-220 lbs. Many are shaped or carved to the latest fashions.

   The globe at the top of the metal pole glows brightly when anyone uses Psionics of any kind in the immediate vicinity of it. The range is very limited; usually covering a large room or perhaps at most a small building. The price varies for a Psi-light, but is generally high. Most successful Tavern owners have one to insure games of chance stay honest (or mostly). Many Jail houses carry one as well in the cities.

  The globe itself is made of several Shiral crystals.

(( item submitted by Nym ))
Objects / The Paintings of Kirsh
« Last post by Bynw on 22 May 2019, 11:25:51 »
*A regal Knight in full plate armor - white as snow.  With a sword at his side.  The background is fuzzy and undetermined.

*A vast prairie meadow showing an expanse of seemingly endless rolling hills and plains.  To the right-hand side of the painting, closest to the viewer is an old rustic wooden fence several years beyond repair.  There are no other signs of life.  The sky is sunny and mostly clear, with a slight breeze coming from the left.  The time of day appears to be mid afternoon during high summer.

*A tall shadowing cliff which overlooks a raging nighttime storm at sea.  The cliff is seen from the side at aa slightly lesser elevation.  The waves are shattered about below upon the rocks and reef.

*A fierce medieval battle field scene, with many hundreds dead all around.  Horseman and footmen are engaged in melee with utter abandon and sheer desperation.  In the foreground are many knights surrounding a standard, torn and stained with dust and blood.  The central figure appears to be dead, and several men are seen weeping beside his blood soaked body.  In the distance, on small mound, surrounded by great bouts of dust, a dark helmeted figure is shown raising a triumphant sword, as his men savor victory on this clear late afternoon in autumn.

*A nighttime metropolis city skyline, with glowing lights in assorted windows, the cityscape surrounds a bay on the left side of the painting with the bay to the right.  The traffic appears suspended as an eternal unmoving line of lights.  It is too great of distance and too dark to see any details.  A full double moon is seen hanging low across the bay.  The waters are calm.

*Three wood ships are seen far off in the distance, as they are tossed about the waves.  Nowhere is there any sign of land.  A star burst of luminous lightning breaks across the sky with torrential rain and wind ripping the sails from there masts and rigging.

*An expansive palace room with a white and gray marble floor, exhibiting a vast vaulted ceiling from which hangs a massive crystal and platinum chandelier, illuminated by thousands of candles.  In the foreground, a couch appears as the focal point of attention during a wild party, whose guests display a wanton drunken lack of morals and uncanny display of perverse sexual acts.  From a small window in the back of the room a nighttime sky is observed.

*A small village main street of a rural farming community where all the locals have gathered to display and celebrate their grateful thanks for a bountiful harvest.

*A seemingly limitless expanse of beach stretches off into an amber summer sunset, while overhead a flock of gulls fly by.  The sand is freshly washed by the incoming tide.  Several rocks of various size are seen off in the distance, near an even more distant reef.

*Twilight has fallen on a tranquil but somehow hauntingly ominous graveyard site.  Although the yard appears in ruins, there are subtle yet indiscernible signs of recent activity.  An old wrought iron fence is see off to the left and the rolling hills and mounds of headstones and monuments fade distantly to the right.

*Moss covered trees of gargantuan stature tower overhead shadowing an even darkening forest.  Although it is dark minute traces of daylight can be found forging their way through the entrenched canopy of trees.  A seldom warn trail is barely visible streaming its way through the trees only to vanish in the approaching mists and bogs.

*In a tranquil French-like village setting near a cafe, an old man can be seen painting from his perch upon the street in front of an old shop.  His painting, though far from complete, is one of graying clouds which are see to break over a distant mountain range obscuring an early morning sunrise.  Although there is a beautiful day, the cafe is nearly deserted and the streets are almost empty.

*A beautiful starry nighttime telescopic view of the southern constellations, with a full harvest moon above the southern cross being the foremost significant feature.

*An ancient medieval walled city as seen from a great distance is poised between two great rivers and surrounded by flat lands and wild grasses.  A sprawling but young forest can bee seen off in the background.  The sun is casting a twilight glow toward the far right-hand of the painting.  The season appears to be spring.

*A dismally bleak picturesque winter snowscape with billowing, blowing and drifting winds of ice and snow can be seen cascading across a seemingly vast open and barren land.  Save for what appear to be just shadowy mountains in the far, far distance, the scene shows nothing else.

*A large naval base is shown is a post modern industrial setting.  The sky is tinted red as though it is moments after sunset.  Several hundred ships are docked. There is however a conspicuous lack of people for such surroundings.

*A darkened stone chamber lit only by the force of magic. A golden robed Spectral Magician standing at the center of a circle containing 1 member of of the other colors of the Order and a Silver robed Spectral Magician as well. A pattern is visible on the floor beneath them.
Objects / Paintings of Kirsh (Intro)
« Last post by Bynw on 22 May 2019, 11:22:47 »
The paintings of Kirsh are a collection of masterwork magical paintings.  Those listed in the posts of I and II have, at one time or another, been on display in the gallery in the castle of Kirsh.

Each painting is 7' tall and 3 1/2' wide.  Without a frame or a mounting the painting can be rolled.  Each painting is painted by the same artist, as the brush strokes are identical.  Nothing about the artist is known.

After the destruction of Kirsh, various paintings have surfaced in noble households of Adan and other nations.  The exact whereabouts of all the paintings listed in the two previous posts are unknown.  There are additional paintings not listed.
d20 Rules / Life Spans
« Last post by Bynw on 22 May 2019, 11:21:52 »
The following are racial lifspans used in the Teara Adan campaign:

Human, Deryni
Adulthood:  15
Middle Age:  35
Old:  53
Venerable:  70
Maximum:  +2d20

Half Elf, Arrin, Pure Strain Human
Adulthood:  20
Middle Age:  62
Old:  93
Venerable:  125
Maximum:  +3d20

Adulthood:  20
Middle Age:  50
Old:  75
Venerable:  100
Maximum:  +5d20

Adulthood:  40
Middle Age:  100
Old:  150
Venerable:  200
Maximum:  +3d100
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