Teara Adan uses a modified form of Medieval Christianity throughout the known world. The Church however is divided between an orthodox faction and a reformed faction. The orthodox church is headquartered in Halifax, while the reformed faction is headquartered in Adan.

There are numerous Religious Orders to which the Clerical Characters may belong. There are also several small sects as well. Each of these groups has a different relationship with the Holy Mother Church.

Primary Religious Orders of The Holy Mother Church Order of the Voice of God: This is a very old Order within the Church. Many of the Clerics and Priests are from this order. HABIT: black robe with blue girdle

Order of the Word of God: This is one of the older orders and is comprised of semi-cloistered contemplatives. HABITS: Various, depending on where the Abby is located.

Of the surviving Pagan faiths, most belonging to the non-human intelligent races through out Teara Adan. The Deities of the Elven peoples are the best known. Far in the northern isles there is a human pagan faith that is a mix of Norse and Elemental worship.

The Adanian Church is more open to its pagan neighbors and beliefs. And understands the values of arcane power in any form. And even actively trains some of its members in the arcane arts.

Meanwhile the Halifaxian Church does not view pagans lightly and actively stamps out any pagan place of worship it finds in its territories. Pagans are sometimes burned at the stake for their heresy. The church also takes a strong distrust of those who work arcane arts. Deryni and magic-users are forbidden to join the priesthood.

Important Saints of Note:

Saint Patron Of:
Anthony of Mariabronn Deryni and Mindwalking Arts – Recognized by Adan but not Halifax