Arrin Regeneration

The “Unknown Background” for the Arrin is the regeneration ability. However, not all Arrin’s have this ability, but the Trait still stands as they can still pass this on to their offspring.

When an Arrin character dies, a Might check is rolled. The difficulty is equal to 13 plus the number of times the character has already regenerated. If the roll is successful then the character will regenerate.

A character can only regenerate a certain number of times, after that normal death will occur.

Attributes may change during regeneration, for each primary attribute, 2d6 are rolled and the following chart is consulted:

2 -1D
3 -2 pips
4-5 -1 pip
6-8 no change
9-10 +1 pip
11 +2 pips
12 +1D

Attributes cannot be reduced to less than 1D or raised above 5D. Regeneration does not impact an Arrin character’s Psi or Sorcery Attributes, these remain at their static values even after Regeneration.

Outward appearance can also change and frequently does. Hair color, length, style. Eye color, general body type and features are all subject to change. Sex never changes.

Additionally a character’s personality can shift, reflecting a change in demeanor and possibly nature. This shift can be influenced by the cause and circumstances of death.

An Arrin cannot regenerate from several forms of death:

  • Anything that completely destroys the body. IE disintegration.
  • Decapitation

An Arrin who is killed by one of these attacks remains dead just as any other character.

A lost appendage (arm, leg, hand, foot) may grow back during regeneration. Another Might roll is required with a TN of 20.