Basic Mechanic – D6

Most traits such as skills have a number of dice (d6s) associated with it.

You roll that many d6’s. One of the d6’s is designated as a “wild die”. If we were gaming F2F then that die would be of a different color, online it will be the 1st or last die rolled. This is not an additional die, just one of the dice in your pool already.

Pick a difficulty level and corresponding difficulty number. The dice rolled need to equal that number or more in order to succeed.

Difficulty Level – Difficulty Number – Description
Very Easy – 1 – Anyone with slight skill should be  able to do this most of the time.
Easy – 2 – Most characters should be able to do this most of the time, though there is still a change for failure.
Moderate – 3 – Requires a fair amount of skill and/or effort. Most unskilled characters will fail such an attempt.
Difficult – 4 – Only highly skilled characters succeed at these with any regularity.
Very Difficult – 5 – Even pros have a hard time pulling these attempts off.
Extremely Difficult – 6 – Only the luckiest and most skilled are successful.
Heroic – 7 – You’d better be skilled and lucky, and even then it’s no guarantee.
Unearthly – 8 – Only the most highly skilled, powered and/or cybernetically enhanced characters will succeed.
Legendary – 9 – A character must have powers, advanced cybernetics and godly skill levels to even think about accomplishing such a feat.
Impossible – 10 – If the character succeeds, it’s clear to all observers that either the character is superhuman or that Divine intervention has occurred.

Successes are counted this way.

Regular Die
Die Roll Result
1,2 Failure
3,4,5,6 Success

Wild Die
Die Roll Result
1 Critical Failure
2 Failure
3,4,5 Success
6 Critical Success

If the player rolls a 6 on a standard Wild Die, she rolled a critical success. She may add the success to her total and roll the Wild Die again. As long as she turns up critical successes (6) on that die, she continues to add them to her total and continues to roll. If, on the second or subsequent tosses, she rolls a 2, 3, 4 or 5 she adds another success but stops rolling. If on the second or subsequent tosses, she rolls a critical failure, she doesn’t add any successes and stops rolling.

If the player rolls a 1 on the initial roll of the Wild Die, she’s rolled a critical failure. (No complications occur when a 1 shows up on a later tosses of the Wild Die in the same roll.) The critical failure cancels out one success, and the player counts up the remaining

Extra Wild Dice gained from spending Character Points work like a normal Wild Die except that a critical failure counts as a normal failure and a normal failure (2) counts as a success.