Basic Mechanic – D6

You have any of your traits. Skills/Attributes or whatever the trait is at hand. It had a number of dice (d6s) associated with it. And maybe some pips of (+1 or +2).

You roll that many d6’s. One of the d6’s is designated as a “wild die”. If we were gaming F2F then that die would be of a different color, online it will be the 1st or last die rolled. This is not an additional die, just one of the dice in your pool already.

You add up the total and if that is equal to or higher than the target number you succeed.

Difficulty Target Numbers
1-5 (Very Easy)
6-10 (Easy)
11-15 (Moderate)
16-20 (Difficult)
21-30 (Very Difficult)
31+ (Heroic)

Now if the “wild die” is a 2 through 5, then it’s added up like normal. Nothing changes.

If the “wild die” is a 6, then it is rolled again and added to the total. This is an open ended roll. So if you keep rolling 6’s you can keep adding them and re-rolling the “wild die”.

If the “wild die” is a 1, then it and the highest other die on the table is removed to give you a new total.

Alternate Method 1

This is used mainly for NPC’s or for very quick resolution. You roll 1 D6 and have to roll under the number of dice you have in the attribute or skill.