Combat – D6

Rounds = 5 seconds of real time

Fast Static Combat
Attacking a Target
The Target Number, or TN, is the number of successes needed to successfully hit the target. The base target number on an attack is based on the target’s static defence score.
Range: Add the range modifier to the Dodge score in all cases (Point Blank/ Hand-to-Hand -1, Medium +1, Long +2). See the sample gear list for ranges.
Cover: If the target is behind at least 50% cover, add +1 to the Target Number. Add +2 for 75%
cover. It’s impossible to hit a target behind 100% cover. Darkness can also be considered as cover at the GM’s whim.

Static Defenses
In this simplified combat system characters pre-calculate their Dodge, Block, and Parry
prior to the game. This static number becomes the attacker’s TN modified as noted above. To
calculate each simply divide the number of dice a character has in the relevant skill (round all fractions up.) Then note it down on the character sheet. For example, Sir Baelen has a Sword skill of 5D. His static Parry score would become 3.
Block = (Brawling skill dice / 2).
Dodge = (Dodge skill dice / 2).
Parry = (Weapon skill dice / 2).
Soak = (Stamina skiill dice / 2) + armor value + any magical, super-tech, or other AV bonus.
Full Dodge: If the character does nothing except dodge until his next turn the numbers are doubled.

Resisting Damage
When a target has been hit, the attacker rolls damage and the target’s Soak score is subtracted from the damage. The player or GM then checks the Wound Level chart below to see how badly the target was wounded.

Wound Level                       Dmg Successes* ≥ Res Total by:
Unharmed                           Less than 0
Scratched                            0 to 1
Injured                                 2
Severely Injured                  3
Incapacitated                       4
Critically Injured                  5
Dead                                     6

*Note: Any additional damage less than or equal to the character’s current level moves him up by one level.

Wound Level Effects
Scratched: -1D for all remaining actions this round and next round.
Injured: -1D to all actions until healed.
Severely Injured: -2D on all actions until healed.
Incapacitated: As a free action before losing consciousness, the character may try to stay up with a Moderate stamina roll. If successful, he may continue to act, but with a -3D penalty. If he fails, he is knocked out for 10D minutes.
Critically Injured: The character is near death and knocked unconscious with no chance to keep up. Roll the character’s Stamina each round, the character finally dies after 3 failed rolls.
Dead: The character has perished.