Psionics – D6

Psionic powers and abilities come from within the character themselves. Although some groups have mystified the nature of psionics the power belongs to the user.

Major powers are in bold face type. Any noted sub-power that can be done with the major power is listed below in standard type. If there is a sub-power that requires its own ranking it is listed in italicized type. Notes about the power are in (parenthesis.) And any restrictions are surrounded by [square brackets.]

To have access to any psionic power, the character must have at least 1D in the Psi (Power) Attribute. This allows the character to learn any psionic powers as long as he has meets the minimum requirements of that power if any are present. Any further restrictions or enhancements are based on the character’s chosen race/species, special abilities, or other environmental factors.

At 1D in the Psi (Power) Attribute, the character chooses any 3 psionic powers they wish to have. And gain 1 additional power per pip advancement in the Psi (Power) Attribute.


  • Astral Projection [Psi: 3D Required]
  • Binding Souls
  • Blocking [Blocking & Healing Gifts Required]
  • Body-Control
    • Affecting Others (with Rapport)
    • Control Bleeding
    • Control Body Temperature
    • Control Breathing
    • Control Heart rate
    • Death-Triggers
    • Energy Augmentation
    • Enhance Attribute
    • Fatigue-Banishing
    • Ignore wounds
    • Induce Sleep
    • Life Extension
    • Sleep in unfavorable conditions
    • Speed of Thought [Body-Control: +1D+2 Required]
  • Casting
    • Opening Locks (with Move Object)
    • Tracking
    • Detecting other Psionic creatures
    • Dowsing
  • Dying Stasis
  • Eldritch Wizardy
    • Activation
    • Attack (this is not a power just a notation the powers are below)
      • Drain Attribute
      • Drain Health
      • Empathic Projection
      • Psychic Blast
    • Attunement
    • Conjury (Illusions)
    • Endowment
    • Erase Signature
    • Farseeing [Casting: +1D+2 Required]
    • Flame Conjuring
    • Handfire
    • Imbue Object
    • Preservation [Healing Gift Required]
    • Shape Changing
    • Sympathetic Magic
    • Unseen Presence
    • Warding
      • Sidestep [Akashic Records Gift Required]
  • Healing [Healing Gift Required]
  • Mind Speech
    • Rapport
      • Telemechanics (CyberPsi/Rapport with a machine)
  • Mind-Control
    • Compulsions
    • Control Triggers
    • Memory Alteration
    • Dreamwalk
  • Mind-Reading (Mind Seeing)
    • Death Reading
    • Memory Assumption
  • Move Object
    • Deflect Arrows
    • Open Locks (with Casting)
    • Heart-stopping
    • Blade Lock [Move Objects: +1D+2 Required]
    • Electrokinesis
    • Thermokinesis
  • Phase [Akashic Records Gift Required]
  • Psychic Weapon [Akashic Records Gift Required]
  • Shields
    • Psychic Static
    • Mind Trap [Shields: +2D Required]
  • Transfer Essence [Psi: 3D Required]
  • Truth-Reading



The Deryni Race is an offshoot of humanity. They conform to most of the standards of the human race except they have hereditary psionic ability. Thus all Deryni have the following Psionic powers.

Psi (Power) Attribute:  2D

All Deryni have the following Psionic powers:  Body Control, Casting, Mind-Reading, Mind-Speech, Shields, Truth-Reading.  A Deryni does not get to choose their initial powers granted by the 2D in the Psi (Power) Attribute.