Psionics – D6

Psionics or psychic ability comes from within the character. It was the first “magic” that was discovered. The Deryni race, an offshoot of Humanity, all with hereditary psychic ability have long held a place of esteem within the old Canan Empire. Even after the rise of magic-users who called their own arts “magic” and “spells” after the great Deryni sorcerers of old.

Not all who have psychic ability are Deryni however. Sometimes these powers manifest in other peoples without any known Deryni roots.

The powers of a psionics is similar, in mechanics, to that of magic. There is one skill that governs the whole of psionic ability. This skill is called Power, and to have this skill the Perk Power must also be purchased. Generally at 1D to 3D.

Each die purchased of the Perk grants 1D in the Power Skill. Each die purchased also grants 2 psionic feats. Up to 6 psionic feats can be gained this way at character creation.

All Deryni characters automatically have the Power Perk and Skill at 3D with 6 psionic feats. However these feats are not chosen by the player. All Deryni basic psionic feats are standard for every Deryni.

Psionic abilities are called feats. Each feat may be broad or narrow in scope. Some feats require other feats, Power at a given die code, additional Perks, additional skills, or any combinations of these requirements.

To use a psionic feat a simple skill roll of Power is generally required. In some cases Arcane Lore is required to use a feat. If any use would require both Power and Arcane Lore, then the lowest skill is used.

Additional psionic feats can be purchased at the cost of 3 CP each. This is only after all other requirements are met.


  • Astral Projection (3)
  • Blocking (2)
  • Body-Control (Deryni)
    • Enhance Attribute (1)
    • Life Extension (1)
    • Speed of Thought (1)
  • Casting (Deryni)
    • Farseeing (1)
  • Healing (2)
  • Mind Control
    • Dreamwalk (1)
  • Mind Reading (Deryni)
  • Mind Speech (Deryni)
    • Telemechanics (1)
  • Move Objects
    • Bladelock (1)
    • Electrokinesis (1)
    • Thermokinesis (1)
  • Phase (2)
  • Psychic Weapon (3)
  • Shields (Deryni)
    • Mind Trap (1)
    • Psychic Static (1)
  • Spellcasting (Basic)
    • Attack – Drain Attribute (1)
    • Attack – Drain Health (1)
    • Attack – Empathic Projection (1)
    • Attack – Psychic Blast (1)
    • Wards
      • Side-Step (3)
  • Spellcasting (Advanced)
  • Transfer Essense (5)
  • Truth Reading (Deryni)