Psionics – D6

Psionics or psychic ability comes from within the character. It was the first “magic” that was discovered. The Deryni race, an offshoot of Humanity, all with hereditary psychic ability have long held a place of esteem within the old Canan Empire. Even after the rise of magic-users who called their own arts “magic” and “spells” after the great Deryni sorcerers of old.

Not all who have psychic ability are Deryni however. Sometimes these power manifest in other peoples without any known Deryni roots.

The known Psychic Abilities are considered to be Advanced Skills under specific Attributes. The only Prerequisite is being Deryni or some other manifestation to awaken these powers within an individual.

Might Based Psychic Abilities:
• Body-Control
You know how to control your body (or the body of another once Rapport is achieved) with magic. You can use this skill for reducing the effects of heat or cold, hunger or thirst, ensuring restful sleep, etc.

Wit Based Psychic Abilities:
• Arcane Lore
You understand how Deryni magic works and how to work rituals. This includes the conventions and rituals for the Duel Arcane, a ritualized style of magical combat practiced by some Deryni to settle disputes.
• Blocking (requires Blocking Perk)
You are a rare Deryni healer who can also block Deryni powers — and you know how to do it. This skill allows you to block a Deryni’s powers, essentially removing them.
• Casting
With this skill, you can “cast” your senses out around you to gather information not readily apparent to the normal five senses. Casting can identify a person on the other side of a door, find hidden things, sense poison, or “sweep” an area for signs of danger. Casting can also detect magical workings, signs of life, and similar energy-based signs. On a Fair or better result, Casting allows you to “read” an object, gaining impressions of its history (who last touched it, where it’s been, significant events that happened in its presence, etc.). Strong emotions or emotional events are the easiest to read.
• Healing (requires Healer Perk)
You know how to use your Healer gift and Deryni magic to heal wounds.
• Mind-Reading
You can read minds. At its most basic, Mind-Reading allows you to “read” someone’s surface thoughts. More difficult uses of this skill include “death reading” (reading the most recent or intense thoughts of someone newly deceased) and “mind ripping” (something no ethical Deryni would do).
• Mind-Speech
You can speak with another Deryni mind to mind. Used in conjunction with Mind-Reading, Mind-Speech allows you to establish “rapport” with another’s mind — including non-Deryni.
• Move Objects
You can move objects magically.
• Spellcasting
You know how to cast spells. Sample spells include attuning objects, producing handfire, banishing fatigue, setting wards, and similar simple ritualized Deryni magic.

Charm Based Psychic Abilities:
• Mind-Control
You can control your own mind through magic. You may mind control others as well, although this requires first establishing rapport using Mind-Reading and Mind-Speech.
• Shields
You are trained to raise and lower your shields, flare them for visual effect, and strengthen them against attack.
• Truth-Reading
You have the magical ability to tell whether someone is lying.

For the Deryni the following Psychic Abilities are Standard Skills and begin at the same rank as their controlling Attribute: Body-Control, Casting, Mind-Reading, Mind Speech, Shields, and Truth Reading.