Perks and Complications – D6

Armor, Light (1). Thanks to some sort of natural protection, such as a thick hide or minor bone plating, you add +3 to your Soak total.
Armor, Heavy (2). Thanks to some sort of natural protection, such as an extremely tough hide or heavy bone plating, you add +6 to your Soak total.
Attractive (1). Others find you pleasing to look at. This can help reduce suspicions or distract others depending on the given situation. Once per session you may double the result of one roll for any action related to your appearance. Examples include seduction, a subtle bluff or simply distracting guards.
Blessed (2). Once per session you may declare the opportunity for divine intervention, either increasing the difficulty of another’s skill check by one level or reducing your own difficulty by one level.
Climbing (2). Be it due to your physical makeup or superior training, you are an expert climber and automatically get the specialization of Climbing; do not spend additional skill dice on Climbing at character creation. In addition, thanks to your incredible skill, if you fail a skill check when climbing, you get an automatic re-roll to regain your stability.
Daredevil (2). Once per session you may throw caution to the wind taking extremely reckless action that may result in your own death. Your
Dodge, Block, and Parry are reduced by half, however all Might rolls are doubled when resisting damage for one round.
Destiny (2). Characters with Destiny feel they are fated to some grand purpose. Once per game session you may declare a failed roll is not part of your destiny and immediately re-roll to get a different result.
Direction Sense (1). You always know which direction you have come from and can always retrace your steps. Even if you are unable to see, you never get “turned around” in the dark. You can always determine by instinct in which direction is a significant, known landmark.
Eagle Eye (1). You receive a +1D bonus to strike a target when at medium or long-range. This is limited to weapons designed to be used at such a distance.
Extra Sense (1). You can detect something that humans cannot, be it radiation, seismic activity, or just about anything else. You receive a +1D bonus to skills such as Search if it involves this particular sense.
Famous (1). You are very well-known in a positive light. You get +2D to all Persuade checks when “turning on the charm” with someone who knows who you are.
Fast Draw (2). When determining initiative using a handgun, energy pistol, or similar weapon, you may use the Handgun skill instead of Agility to make the check.
Favors (1). People owe you. Once per session you can call in one of those debts. This can take the form of information, a temporary use of equipment (borrowing a truck, plow, shotgun, etc.), a place to hide someone or something for a brief time, or any similar favor.
Fearless (2). You do not experience fear, or if you do, it does not affect you. This could be for biological, chemical, or even paranormal reasons.
Hardiness (1). You can really take a beating and stay standing. If Incapacitated, you automatically make your Stamina roll to stay conscious, but normal penalties apply.
Lucky (2). Once per session you may declare you are feeling lucky. Double the result of your next roll.
Natural Weapon, Light (1). Add +3 to Brawl checks to attack using this natural weapon (teeth, claws, tentacles, etc.) and +3 to Might checks to determine Brawl damage with that weapon.
Natural Weapon, Heavy (2). Add +3 to Brawl checks to attack using this natural weapon (teeth, claws, tentacles, etc.) and +6 to Might checks to determine Brawl damage with that weapon.
Nightvision (1). Your vision is unhindered in the dark.
Patron (2). You are supported financially by a wealthy party. No more than once per session, you may contact your patron and attempt to draw on his resources, be that repair services, lodging, supplies, a new rifle, or covering a reasonable expense. It’s a good deal, but comes with a cost, as the patron can always ask you to do something in return, and refusal may get you cut off.
Perceptive (2). The GM may reveal small clues to you that others would miss. Once per session, you may announce that you are carefully studying an object or situation and the GM may reveal something to you that would be impossible for a normal character to determine. If nothing is revealed, this Perk may be used again.
Prehensile Limb (1). You have an extra limb, such as a tail or tentacle, that is less articulated than a full and true hand, but is capable of manipulating simple objects. This limb may make a simple action during the round without incurring the normal -1D penalty for multiple actions.
Quick Study (1). You catch on more quickly than most, and so it’s easier for you to learn new skills or advance the skills you have. Wit skills require one fewer CP than normal to advance. For example, if you have 4D in Language, you must only spend 3 CPs to advance to 4D+1.
Recall (1). Any time you choose to recall anything you have experienced, the GM must tell him you the truth in as much detail as you would have been aware.
Reflexes (2). You are incredibly quick to react in combat. Add +3 to rolls to determine initiative.
Resistance (1). You are resistant to a particular type of damage. This could be fire/heat, cold, radiation, disease, bludgeons, blades, bullets, lasers, stunners, or virtually any other type of damage. Add +6 to Soak that specific type of damage.
Sidekick (3). You have a boon companion willing to join in your adventures. This character only gets 10D to spend on attributes and 4D to spend on starting skills. The sidekick normally only receives 1 to 3 CP per session, but never as many as his or her fearless leader.
Signature Weapon (2). You have a particular weapon that you are specifically trained to use to great effect. This is not a broad class of weapon, like swords or handguns, or even somewhat specific, such as short swords or revolvers. Your signature is a specific type, even down to the model, such as a Roman gladius or a Colt Python .357 Magnum. This effectively grants a specialization in the combat skill relative to the weapon in question. Add +3D to the specialization and advance using the normal specialization rules.
Special Breathing (1). You can breathe somewhere that most cannot, or breathe using a substance other than oxygen. This could be breathing underwater, in a methane environment, or other atmosphere. Alternately, you may simply be able to hold your breath for up to an hour without ill effect.
Swimmer, Minor (1). Be it due to your physical makeup or superior training, your base Move in the water is twice normal (e.g. 30 feet instead of 15 for humans) and automatically get the specialization of Swimming in the Athletics skill; do not spend additional skill dice on Swimming at character creation. You can also hold your breath for twice as long as normal.
Swimmer, Major (2). In addition to the bonuses gained in the Minor Swimming Perk, you are physically superior when in the water. Add +2D to all Might and Agility attribute and skill checks when swimming.
Unstunnable (2). You cannot be Stunned or Dazed, and first take the effects of damage at the first Wounded level. If hit with a weapon that deals only stun damage, it has no effect; no Might roll required.

Age. You’re either very old or very young. In addition to all the social issues caused by your age, the GM might choose to impose a penalty to an action based on your character’s age. Grandpa throws a hip, a weird dude offers you candy on the street, and it’s hard for either of you to seduce the supermodel at the bar. Whenever your age causes you great difficulty, receive one CP.
Allergy. You become debilitated when you come into contact with some relatively common substance, such as garlic, sunlight, milk, strawberries, or virtually anything else. Earn a CP when your allergy flairs up to the serious detriment of you and your friends. Make a Moderate Stamina check for every minute exposed, taking wounds as per normal damage with failure. Removing the source of the trauma allows you to begin healing as normal.
Crazy. You have issues that are guaranteed to put your therapist’s kids through college. Could be you’re just really paranoid, or maybe just a touch too OCD. That fear of most everything could also be a problem. Then again maybe you really are Napoleon and everyone else is wrong, but good luck convincing anyone else since you’re a lunatic. Take your pills and earn one CP any time your psychosis really gets in the way.
Debt. You are enormously in debt to someone with the means to make you regret it. Someone may have saved your life or granted you some huge favor, and is now entitled to restitution. Earn a CP whenever your debt complicates your life, or the lives of your friends.
Diet. You have very specific dietary requirements that are far out of the ordinary. Whether it is only being able to drink blood or consume live rats or eat ice cubes, you earn a CP whenever you are seriously impaired due to a lack of suitable food. After two days without food, you must make a Stamina check against starvation, starting with Very Easy and moving up one step every day thereafter. The degree of failure determines the resulting wound level and will eventually kill you.
Disabled. You have some tragic, permanent malady. It may be terrible eyesight, hardness of hearing, a muscular disease, a missing limb, or any of a number of ailments. In addition to any penalties that your disability may cause (as per the GM), earn a CP whenever your disability causes you or your friends particular difficulty.
Doomed. You are going to die well before your time, and exhibit symptoms. Whether it is cancer, a curse, flesh-eating alien bacteria, or a bomb implanted in your brain, you know that you could expire at any minute. Earn a CP whenever the GM tells you that you are exhibiting significant warning signs, or when your impending doom pushes you to rash, impulsive, or dangerous decisions.
Enemies. Someone doesn’t like you at all, and is a credible threat. Maybe they have more friends than you, or maybe they’re just bigger and meaner. Either way, you have your own personal bully. You earn the bonus CP when they complicate your life.
Fearsome Visage. Other people are less likely to trust or confide in you, thanks to your gruesome or frightening appearance. Earn a CP whenever your grizzly facade causes someone to keep you at arm’s length. When dealing with normal-looking people face to face, you suffer -1D on any and all skills and situations that rely on charm or trust.
Gremlins. You have a special touch. Specifically the kind that breaks machines. You’re no good with engines, electronics, magical gizmos, or any other trinket. If it’s a device, you can’t trust it. Earn one CP whenever the GM takes his one free shot on you this way.
Hazardous Environment. A specific type of environment that is normally tolerable to most is incredibly harmful to you. This could be hot or cold environments, a nitrogen-rich atmosphere, high levels of humidity, or virtually any other variable. Receive a CP whenever your inability to cope with such an environment substantially affects you. Exposure to the hazardous environment immediately takes your status to Dazed, with normal penalties. For each hour after the first, you must make a Stamina check to continue to endure the conditions. The second hour begins at Very Easy, and increases by one degree every hour thereafter. The degree of failure determines the resulting wound level and will eventually kill you.
Illiterate. You cannot read more than a few common words, and cannot write. This is not so limiting in the wild, but is a big negative if trying to learn more advanced skills. Earn one bonus CP every time your inability to read negatively impacts you or your allies. Many skills may be impossible to learn, and the GM may double the number of CPs required to advance in some skills at his or her discretion.
Infamous. You are famous for all the wrong reasons. Perhaps you are a known killer or a notoriously crooked lawman, or an athlete that famously botched the big game. Earn a CP whenever your infamy causes you great difficulty.
Marked. You have a distinctive tattoo on your hand, scar on your face, barcode across your forehead, or some other specific mark that makes you stand out in a negative way. It may be a sign that you are in a gang, are a member of a particular tribe or clan, or spent time behind bars, but in any case it draws unwanted attention. You are awarded a CP whenever your mark gets you noticed by the wrong people.
Pariah. You carry a significant social stigma of some kind that makes people want to keep you at arm’s length. Receive a CP whenever your character is forced to endure mockery, denial of service, or is otherwise severely inconvenienced or harmed by this stigma.
Personal Code. You live by a creed and you will not cross that line. Maybe you won’t fight an unarmed opponent and always make sure they know it’s coming, or maybe you never tell a lie. No matter how you define it, your code has to mean something. Some caped crusaders won’t kill, paladins won’t resort to deception, and sometimes there is even honor among thieves. Earn one CP whenever your code complicates your or your friends’ success.
Primitive. Your understanding of the way the world works is decidedly behind the times. Modern technology is a mystery for you, and you are stuck in a pre-industrial type of mindset. Earn a CP when your lack of understanding about the modern world causes you serious problems. Add +5 to the TN any time you attempt to use a “high tech” skill such as Drive, Handgun, Science, or Repair.
Skeletons in the Closet. You have secrets that you have worked hard to keep buried, and if they came to light could spell big problems for you. These might include a violent history, a sordid affair, a past with a rival organization, or anything else that might sully your good name. You earn the bonus CP whenever your past comes back to haunt you.
Unlucky in Love. Things just don’t work out for some people. Your love interest is always dying, being kidnapped, betraying you, or dumping you in favor of a new fling. You earn a bonus CP when your love life falls apart in a meaningful way.
Unlucky in Money. You have a hard time holding on to money. You earn a bonus CP when you lose a significant amount of cash through your own foolishness or bad luck and have nothing to show for it.
Soulless. You do not experience genuine emotions, be it love, hate, envy, joy, or any other “feeling.” Earn a CP if your stoicism serves as a stumbling block in your interaction with others.