D6 Rules

 Character Creation

There are two ways to create a character using Teara Adan

The first way to create a character is to choose a template that has been pre-generated with basic stats and customize it to your liking. These are stock character archetypes that can be used in almost any setting and are easy to work with as a basic character.

Check out the templates section for our available templates.

The second way to create a character is to use defined limits. For a basic starting character for Teara Adan these are the limits imposed.

Starting characters begin with 20D in Skills, there are no Attributes. You are not required to pick Perks or Complications but it does add flavor and other benefits to your character.

Psionics or Psychic power, and Sorcery are special skills. At Character Creation these will generally cost a player from 1 to 3 dice. But their are exceptions.

Hero Points

All characters begin with 1 Hero Point. 1 Hero Point doubles the number of dice rolled for the next roll. The player must decide to spend the Hero Point prior to making any rolls. Only the GM awards Hero Points. Some characters may get Dark Hero Points which is an indication of how evil a character has become.

Most characters can have no more than 5 Hero Points. Any Hero Points awarded beyond the character’s maximum are converted to 3 Character Points instead.

Character Points

All characters begin with 5 Character Points. These can be sent like Hero Points but they don’t give the same bonus. By spending a Character Point the player gets an extra Wild Dice for each point spent. The Character Point can be spent after the roll. The number of Character Points that can be spent is up the the GM. Generally no more than 2-5 can be spent in this manner. Character Points can be spent on any die code from any source.

Character Points are also spent to improve a character’s Skills and other traits during the course of a campaign.

Veteran Points

Veteran Points begin at 0 and only go up. They are the total running total of a character’s Character Points earned. And are just a measure of the character’s overall power level.