The technology on Teara Adan comes from a number of sources, including its ancient past, the current developments of its inhabitants and from outside influences. This section is meant to represent just exactly what the term “sixguns” means in the description of Teara Adan. Yes it does mean actual old west style sixguns and other firearms of various types and mixed technological levels. But it also represents all matter of technology.

In the Kingdom of Adan, for example, gas lights are common on the streets. There is even minor use of electricity as found in our own Victorian Era. In the Arrin Imperium, firearms are quite common at almost the level of the old west. And electrical power is far more common there than in other nations across the Quarette.

Like wise, from time to time, other items have come to light. Internal combustion gasoline vehicles. Full nuclear powered seagoing vessels like the UEE sub-carrier. And other items of fantastic technologies intermix with magic and psionics with ease and acceptance.